Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mumbai 21 nov

not the best card for punters Dashrath Singh has got very good mounts today should have a good day

Race 1 : Appalina, Steely Dan,

Race 2; Apache Indian,Su Chaliyo,

Race 3; Blumarine, Highland Flame,

Race 4 ; Ares, El Tropico,

Race 5 ; Ocean Admiral, Star Of Venus,

Race 6 ; Weizhou, note Diego Rivera,

Race 7: Camacho,Zafayona,

Race 8 The First Lady, Paris Hilton,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mumbai 18th Nov

Mixed card but majority will be the fancied horses

Race 1: Flying Spirit, Rodrigo,
Race 2: Tattenhoe, Mypethoney,
Race 3: Moonlight Beauty, Hickory,
Race 4: River Blitz,Dante Rossetti,
Race 5: Star Warrior, Living The Dream,
Race 6: Hiawatha,
Race 7: Legionnaire, will only lose if he is not tried

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mumbai 14 Nov 2010

Mainly a favorite card with some minor hiccups... Goodluck everyone

Race 1: Solar Angel, Upset: Arisen Star, (note)
Race 2: Frost Fairy, Upset: Chingari,
Race 3: Snow Blaze, Upset: Indomitable,
Race 4: Beautiful Stranger, Upset: Lago Medio, (note)
Race 5: Dancing Glances, Upset: Blau Himmel,
Race 6: Moonlight Romance, Upset: White Knight, (note)
Race 7: Sunset Boulevard,
Race 8: Illustrious, Scarlette, Upset: Amore Mio,
Race 9: Prince Of Troy, Their Lil Sister,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Melbourne Cup 2010

This is the race that stops the nation... SO YOU THINK is a great horse with the best trainer will be there but has has 5 races in 5 weeks fir 5 win will need a big heart to pull it of today.
My Personal fancies are MANIGHAR how will love the trip and well prepared or ONCE WERE WILD and LINTON can also win

good luck

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