Sunday, July 29, 2007

Suggestions for Bangalore 29 July

Race 1: Open race 9. ANTONIQUE and 5. BRAVE ROMANCE are best on track

Race 2: 2. NEW PASTURES should win in this set if all goes well however make a not of 1. ANGEL FIELD who is bred to stay and can upset here.

Race 3: 8. STAR TEAM is one of the better horses that Ramu has when it won last time he was over wieght and keen looking at the track moments he has been stripped fit however todays there are two things that are not in favor of the favorite company is far better and he is running in a far experienced company today 7. RED MUSTANG has not done anything wrong so far and is best on track and with the better ridder of the 2 my vote goes for him.Of the other runner make a note of 1. HABAT who is down in class had a forward run last run is tracking extrremely well and has positive change in jockey and equipment can upset I know wieght springs a doubt in mind but if you closely have a look at the seat of VINCENT COLGAN you will see he transfers his wieght on the horse neck and shoulders which makes a big difference.

Race 4: The race clearly looks to be between the top 5 horses 2. ALLONIA if he get a level start should win from 5. SIMPLY DANGEROUS . 4. SAPTASHWA is best on track and looks like has been prepared well for this race N Darashah win strike rate is very good but he still has to beat Allonia.

Race 5: SCRIPT URE DESTINY is running after a long layoff should be left alone in this experienced set if he wins good luck. 1. LIVING LUXURY has all the chance to win today but wether she can give 13.5 kgs is another thing thats where 7. AZUREUS comes into play he ran a very good race in good company first up set the pace nicely in a very good company to day with 47 kgs on his back this speedy colt who also has the class can cause a upset if all goes well and looks a certain place.4. MERCURIAL is best on track and today has the right jockey to beat this lot.

Race 6: The Odds on 6. HAUNTING MEMORIES are not justified as she might find the going tough however only danger will be from 2. GREEN BAX who is tracking very well and 7. UPPER CRUST who will relish these conditions.

Race 7: Very open race 3. SILVER FOX is my choice from 4. GIVE ME THE MONEY

Race 8: Very open race again 7. REIGNING SKY is my choice from 12. MEXIKAN WAVE

Race 9: 4. BROTHERS IN ARMS should win here from 10. SOUTH PARADE .

Interesting days of racing make a note of small stables today as a lot of horses look on job make a note of N Darashah and A Caddy both have a few interesting runners today.

Good luck from a punting point of view Allonia,Azureus,Silver fox, Regining sky and Brothers in arms look promising

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Suggestions for Bangalore 28 July

Race 1:If the connections decide 2. PRECIOUS ANGEL at best will place here 8. STRONG MINDED need more ditance and has a problem with passing other horses and till this problem is not sorted he might struggle to win.3. BLISS needs some more time but is better then the former. Make a note of 5. POLAR RUBY if he takes a level jump today he will give Jockey Vivek hi first win for the season for his trainer and is worth an eachway punt.

Race 2: 1. CONQUERING LOVE is a good type and should win however please note this horse changes its strides and sometmes it can cause some trouble.Stable mate 6. BOLD REPLY is best on track but needs distance 4. ENFORCER should be the brides maid again.

Race 3: Very open race as looks like a few horses have been prepared to win here 4. MASURATHI looks the best of the lot but the Drawn 1 will not help as he likes to come from the outside.Make a note of 5. ACTION HERO he is the best on track and should win well if on job. I believe he will be on job today and if there is money on him in the ring make it a good eackway bet.

Race 4: looks a toss up between 8. FEARLESS ANGEL and 5. WAR OF ATTRITION the former has a slight edge make a note of 4. ASTOUNDING BLUE and 1. ARABIAN KNIGHT who are tracking well and can upset.

Race 5: I believe the times up for 4. RHAPSIDION SNOW today he is running with pure class one horses hence has more chances to lose the win.In my opinion the race will be in the top 2 horses and I strongly believe 2. LIONHEART will win from 1. ROMANTIC GETAWAY in a very close fight.

Race 6: 1. ATTAIN is a far superior horse in this but has a few issues 8. RUBY ROCKET who is the favorite will not have it easy with the former if he is handeled properly 11. HAVANA is best on track and I strongly believe the race is between Father and Son.

Race 7: If 4. REMARKABLE STRIDE if on job he should win well.

Race 8: This is a very open race however 9. OLYMPIC GLORY is the one to watch out for a his track moments re very good andlooks to have ben stripped fit. Another horse I believe has run well below potential is 8. SIERRA today with the right jockey can win here hands down but the former will give him the run for the money.

Todays card will have a lot of false favorites be careful Ramus best horse running today is remarkable strides and if there is money on him will win well
Father and son team of the Baramjis will do well too
From a punting point of view Polar ruby,Conquering love, action hero,Lionheart/Romantic getaway,R Strides and Sierra/Olimpic Glory should be considered.

Please use the above only as a guide and use your own judgement.



Friday, July 27, 2007

Guide for Pune 27 July

Hello all the time and I have mentioned just follow my selection/advise as a guide. Please be careful with todays card too and go slow as there are 24 more meetings to go.

Race 1) looks a straight fight between 2. XIAN and 3. TOUCH THE SKY I believe the former is better 1. MARMARIS is a 4yo and is running for the second time in his life which states that he is not a sound horse and is best left alone. Make a note of 8. BREZHNEV loves the pune track and being form lagads stable will be on job is definatly worth a small each way bet.

Race 2) This a tricky race and should be left alone however if 7. MAZAN or 5. BLACK WARRIOR wins here it wont be a surprise. in my opinion 1. IVANKA is better then its stable mate.

Race 3) If Dream destiny has come to hand he should win.

Race 4) I believe 10. CAPE MERINO will topple the cart today and should be considered as a good eachway bet today.

Race 5) 3. VENA AMORIS has a slight edge over 2. PRIVATE EYE

Race 6) After being asked to lose all bombay season 3. SUPREME SWORD is now asked to win might be a big task for him and at best can place here as the horses with and inside draw have a good turn of foot and it might be a game of catch up for him.8. CORNELIA SUPRA relishes the pune couse and her first run is her best run hence is a certain place chance that can win from 2. DRUIDS GLEN

Race 7) bad race
Race 8) bad race 8. AMBERLEY who is the best on track should fight it out with 4. STEEL BUTTERFLY

Race 9) 3. SNOW BLOSSOM is the best on track in this open race

Race 10) 1. EAGLE MOUNTAIN will run a good race as per track moments

Race 11) looks like a straight fight between 4. MANTOVANI (best on track) 7. BIONIC ANGEL and Victor who is from a gambeling stable and if there is money on him today should win.

Very bad card again today Cornelia Supra looks a certain place,and Cape marino is worth an eachway punt Good luck all.



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tipes for Pune 26 jul 2007

Hi Guys make a note of this in the first 2 meetings in pune 222 horses are running 180 of them are running in Aluminium plates... and only 21 horses can win so you all do the sums my advise will be to go slow and let the season settle down as racing is for ever.

Race 1) The prize money in the first race of the pune season suggest the quality of horses 3. VICTORICA is a well bred horse and has run in a far superior company only problem is this horse is running with 61 kgs on her back and being a 3 yo filly is a lot of burden to carry on the other hand the company she is running in is of a weak calibere the only horse I can see troubling her is 5. AMENABLE who trackwork suggest that she is fit t0 fight it out and can get the better of the former on experience. 7. PURSUIT OF POWER is running with no wieght on her back and should be the one who can upset here.

1)Amenable 2) Victorica 3) Pursuit of Power

Race 2) Appu and C Rajendra look like the top two picks again, the track work of 9. OASIS STAR suggest that this is a good horse but being the first run can give 6. RED INDIAN who has 3 good runs under his belt a slight edge the others should follow however make a note of 8. TOP ACTION he should run a good race.

1) Oasis Star 2) Red Indian 3) Top Action

Race 3) 1. HOOFBEATS is down in class and been very consistant thorugh out his career he will definately run well but winning wont be easy although there isnt a lot for him to beat 2. ACTON TOWN has been best on track but the jockey is the danger along with ,3. SHARP MEMORY might find the trip to its disadvantage, 4. SALAZAAR who hant been on track buut his breeding suggest he will relish the underfoot conditions and finally the one to watch out for is 7. MR MAJESTIC who did not relish the long bombay straight has a good spurt to last out in the pune straight.

Race 4: Very tricky card best left alone 4. SALANDRA has been tracking well but cant be backed just on that performance.

Race 5: This is an very interesting race where an upset cant be ruled out the odds on 9. DANCING DIVA are higer due to the jockey and the draw she will wrestle for supremacy with 6. JUBILATION which will make the pace very interesting and the jockeys experience will matter at the post 13. ANNOT who is a better horse then the former 2 has the right jockey on her today who can nurse the horse to the post.The reason you cant rule ou a Upset here is the pace of the race which will be a scorcher and a swoop at the end is not ruled out from 3. DEDICATION who in my opinion is alive treat along with 2. BEYOND THERAPY


Race 6:the owner os 4. DANCE DIVA is one of biggest punters around and hence if backed will be right there 1. CRESPO however is my choice to win here and upset from 14. NASEEBDAR who relishes the pune track cant be ruled out
1) Crespo 2) Dance Diva 3) Naseebdar

Race 7: I dont believe 5. STAR CONQUEST will be able to mantain her winning streek today it is very important to undestand that it dosenot matter how a horse has won it matters as to who he has beaten and in my opinion she has beaten no one so far and today will be the true test of potential against class sprinters. I cant understand the logic with the jockey SS Baria on 10. REJUVENITE who has a very realistic chance to win from 2. OYSTER COVE but the main danger can be seen in 15. SHYBOY who has been in racein condition and can upset the best.


Race 8: 1. FESTIVE LIGHT stands out in this set due to lack of company only the wieght can stop her from winning 11. VANILLA SKY who is from a gambling stable can create a flutter if the money is on him.
1) Festive Light 2) Vanilla Sky

Race 9) 3. THE HURRICANE is running for the first time after being gelded hence has been entered in such a week set as normally horses dont perform that well after being gelded hence it would pay to watch this race only 2 horses can cause a flutter here if the favorite fails 6. FIREY FUTURE who relishes the pune course and 2. DESERT DUST who has been tracking well.

Race 10) Looks like a straight fight between 7. MAJOR WAGER and 2. BRIGHT SIDE with the latter having a good edge.


All the best and please study market trend



Start of Pune Season

Hi All,

Yes Pune season will start soon, Please make a note of a few tips in your Diaries.
This course is not for all horses as being a monsoon track many horses dont relish the underfoot conditions. There are some tariners whos horses are in peak condition and will show vast improvements then others.
Make a note of N Lagad, F Abbas, C Katrak and D todiwalla looking at the track moments there horses are the fitest and will perform very well in the early part of the season. It would pay to half your bets in the first 5 race days of the season.
Horses that are sired by Burdun of proof, A Alwashiek, diffident and Libor alway perform better on this track.
Trainers like MK Jadav , B chinoy , A Docter and MP Jodha normally have a good season with the former very consistant.

All the best and more to follow.



Monday, July 23, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tips for bangalore 21 July

Race 1: As easy as it looks this race is a very tricky one.If you closely look at this 5 horse field all the owners of every horse are breeders and the muscle men in the racing industry. then if you look at the 5 jockeys 3 of them belong to Ramu i.e D Ganeswar,B Prakash and Appu..
5. CRIMSON ORCHID who is better at handicap then 1. LOCAL WARRIOR has ramus jockey on him i.e Appu. The jockey on 1. LOCAL WARRIOR is SURAJ NARREDU and on S Naradu,s horse 2. SUPER POWER who has a very realistic chance to win here we have GNANESHWAR who is again Ramus Jockey. 3. MYSTIFIED with B P on top seems to have come to hand has got a realistic change has change of negetive equipment. Last but not the least we have 4. RUNNING MAN whos last run was worth a mention and has been striped fit.
If all horses were run on their merits in this race which is not going to be the case then 2. SUPER POWER who has run in fas superior company and has been tracking well should win from 3. MYSTIFIED or 5. CRIMSON ORCHID who I believe will go on a start to finish mission.
My advise is to leave this race alone or half your bet as even 4. RUNNING MAN can win here as he has only 4 horses to beat today.

Race 2: 3. LORD OF ILLUSION should win but has a grave disadvantage of 4 runs in 70 days and his fitness can be a big ??his track moments also suggest that his condition is on the slide hence I believe he will have to fight it out from 1. MANGALYA PRARAMBH who is best on the track looks a certain place and 4. IMPERIUM who has run the favorite close first up after not been given a favourible ride with todays rider an run him very close.

Race 3: 4. AUCHINLECH has come good again and if all goes well should win well from 2. FORZA ....However make a note of 6. PILLAR OF GOLD who has a certain handicap advantage and has been tracking extremly well hence should be considered as an outside chance

Race 4: Very rarely will I say this but 1. RUBEN STAR has always been my favorite horse not because he is better then other horses but because he will only win when he wants to. In this card and also looking at the track movements I believe he will hit the front and If prakash lets him ride his own race only then will he win... In my opinion only 9. CARRA MIA who has the right jockey can beat the favorite. Please note Wieght will not stop 1. RUBEN STAR from winning tactics will.

Race 5: This race is best left alone 1. SANGINI is best on track

Race 6: 2. SWEEPING SUCCESS is a nice horse but I dont believe he is outstanding there are 3 reason firstly this horse has a problem when it comes to passing other horses under preasure but his last 2 trackworks suggest this problem has been addressed, secondly she is giving 10 kgs to the bottom horse and it is very difficult for 1 baby to give another one 10kgs specially when its a filly and also the distance is a bit short. At this odds the risk is too high hence I would leave this horse alone If she wins Goodluck.The Bottom wieght 10. CIBONEY has a realistic chance and cannot be ignored on handicap and 7. AFFORCE who is best on track should be considered for Jackpot

Race 7: Betting trend in the last 5 minutes will dictate the terms of this race whoever win they will have to beat 1. MASTER STRATEGIST who has a slight edge over this class.

Good luck Guys AUCHINLECH looks a good bet today

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hi Guys,

Normally I dont like to defend myself or my actions but since I have been recieving a few negitive comments and some of my viewer defending me I think its about time I put my views forward.
The reason I created this Blog was to help people and share My Knowledge of the racing Industry. If you have been reading my blog for a while you would know by now the point I am trying to put across in helping people understanding racing better and then make a judgement in what horses to back and what horses to eat or not to back.
Finally It is the punters or the Bookies decision to do what they believe is best for them.
I know if you read my views you would think that how can I win well here is what I did on the weekend and please If you dont want to believe me then dont but the reason I am doing this is to make people understand and read my blog from outside the square.

1) I did a 4 horse Kaichi investment 11000 horses were Chevron,Marinella,O Valiere and sieara and I lost 11000, The reason I did the Kaichi was I dont back horses indvidually If they are under 6-1 hence its better to do a Kaichi on them and forget about the rest.
2) I ate Bravest, 20000 as I had mentioned in my blog that there was a good chance This horse will get beat.
3) I backed 2 horses 1000 each way they were Secret wish and Florican. Lost 4000
4) I eat Lady one 20000 as I dint think she was worth those Odds and was running with a better class of horses.

So on saturday I won 25000

1) I eat Blue Vision 20000 as I didnot Fancy her on her first run.
2) I did a 4 Horse Kaichi of Ruby rocket,Chagall,E Study and Top of the class Lost 11000
3) I backed 2 horses 1000 eachway Mac 20-1 in win and 4-1 place and Diomedes

Thats all I did on sunday won 31000.

If you notice I have covered most of the races by the Kaichi by eating and by placing small bets on horses at higher Odds.
You will also notice that my gambling patteren is very similar to what tips I have mentioned on the Blog so there is transperancy in what I am doing.

I know I cant keep everyone happy but the example I am giving above is true and the reason I have been sucessful in this industry because I treat it as a business and when you treat it as a business you can make money, there are ups and downs and I will be the first one to admit that I dont come up trumps every time but in the long run have been very sucessful in what I do.

Horse racing is a very funny game if you are only a punter then you will never win because when you back one horse there are 7 other horses who can beat them.

If my viewers believe that I am no good and the blog is just a joke then I am more then happy to discontinue as I have nothing to loose.

Please give your views and comments am more then happy to accept them and will decide weather its worth it for me to continue it of not.



Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tips for bangalore 14 July

Hi Guys,

Race 1: It dosent come as a surprise that 4. THE BRAVEST has opened up favorite but is definatly not worth backing at these odds, I am not saying that he cant win but the horse till today hasnt been thaught how to and thats a big questionmark.his last run was impressive and suggest that he will come from behind but if he is worth backing as a favorite at cramped odds is up to the punters.there are 3 horses that will make the finish interesting along with the favorite the consistant 8. ASPIRING SEVEN who might find one better again 1. KIOKO who is tracking the best of the lot and has chance to strike but the jockey who has had a lean patch lately and has not been the best at the gates is a negetive factor as he is definately down in confidence and lastly 2. KANTEERAVA who ran any easy 3rd first up after a break and looks fit enouch to win in this set.

Race 2: A race with an very open look 4. CHEVRON who was ridden to loose last time has run in superior company his track moments suggest that he will be hard to beat today if all goes well however 7. PRICELESSSOLITAIRE who is the best on the track will give him the run for the money. Forget about 2. SOUTHERN CHIEFTAN who is not up to this class.

Race 3: This race is best left alone however 10. MARIANELLA is worth a punt as she is a serious threth in this field.

Race 4: 9. SATIN WOOD has been tracking extremly well and will be right there at the finish 1. DISTRIBUTOR will also run a good race and the wieght should not be a problem however some attention has to be given to 8. SECRET WISH who has the right equipment change today and had a good forward run last week hence is worth an each way chance.

Race 5: 4. LADY ONE is running in far superior company today and will not have it easy as the field consists of many fast horses and hence there will be few horses finising on late and if the favorite dose not time his run well then expect a surprise from 8. FLORICAN who is at the right stage to strike today along with 7. ALL DANCING who should be considered.

Race 6: This is a tough race to pick a winner from but if 3. OLIVIA VALERE hits the front she will be hard to catch along with 2. SPORTING MASTER who is a nice horse but its best to watch this race.

Race 7: another race best left alone with 5 horses in with a fair chance the tempramental 11. AGASSIZ is tracking very well and if the blinkers work on him he will be hard to beat the extradistance will suit 6. GOBELIN but I dont think he is good enough to beat the former. An Upset cant be ruled out here from 7. AMAZING FLORA and looks a certain place prospect.

Race 8: Bad race but my money is on 5. SIERRA who will run a very good race today and should be considered a a good each way bet from 8. ARTIC BLAST who is best on the track.
Very bad card today Mallya will have a good day.

Days best : CHEVRON

Horses worth a punt.

Race 4: 8 SECRET WISH place
Race 5: 8 FLORICAN each way
Race 7: 7 AMAZING FLORA place
Race 8: 5 SIERRA eachway


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tips for bangalore 8 July

Race 1: Open race with 5 horses in with a good chance my choice is 1. SHE`S BIG who has run in far superior company and can strike today from 6. ROYAL LIASON who is tracking very well and if the money comes his way will win.

Race 2: 2. SOUTH STAR who is a nice horse and has been tracking well should be the favorite here but today he has too many negetive factor against him, he is up in distance i.e 800 mts and up in class hence winning in this experienced set will not be easy for him as he has not beaten any good horses this far. the horse will definately stay the distance but wether he has the class to beat the oposition is another thing and I believe he can lose today. 5. CONDE NAST is improving with evry run and should be followed again from the unlucky 1. CHILLY WIND .

Race 3: Another open race where 4. PRET A PORTE need some attention as he has been stripped fit since his last run and will be right there at the finish 1. ROYAL HEIR also has a fair chance if asked to do so forget about 3. RAPIDO GONZALES as his stabemate 5. ORO NEIRO is a better horse and upset cant be ruled out here from 7. SURREALE .

Race 4: looks like a straight fight between 3. LOUGHBOROUGH and 4. BLINK with the former having a slight edge and looks a better horse however an upset cant be ruled ou here from 9. DIAMOND SHOWER who if asked to perform will make the favorites run for their money.

Race 5: 9. ALLONIA looks a cut above in this set and should win if all goes well however 7. ALCOHOLOGY has been tracking well and can upset along with 1. GOLDEN SHADOW

Race 6: the derby race will see a very interesting finish 3. BOURBON KING is definately a good horse but wether he is good enough to win in this set is anotherthing . I am of a very strong opinion that there are 3 horses in this race who are better then him they are 12. ALVARITA who if handeled properly should come up trumps but in my opinion the only way this horse can lose today will be because of the jockey who is not the best rider when the stakes are higher and if he keeps his cool today only the will she win. the other 2 horses come from Ramus stable 4. CONFIDENT VICTORY who is a very nice and improved horse and with srinath in the saddle has the potential to run over this field. Lastly there 2. BADGE OF GOLD who I believe is a better horse the BK deserves another chance the reason is the track preperation. Ramu has one work Jockey and that is D Patel who prepares his horses for him to get into winning condition and he has been tracking and preparing this horse for the last 5 weeks which is a clear indication that this horse is being prepared for this race if you see closely he is the only horse that has been on the track on regular basis and besides the last spurt patel has been working him. the fact that srinath has opted for C Victory after tracking BOGold mean that C V has a chance too.
Ramu alos knows that to win the derby he has to to try all his best 3 horses to beat Alvarita and hence BOGold will not be used as a pacemaker this time and will be tried fairly as he can stay the distance and C Vitory lacks experience in the big race.
Hence I have decided to tip 2. BADGE OF GOLD to win from 4. CONFIDENT VICTORY and 12. ALVARITA if anyone is looking for an rank outsider to win then pay some attention to 8. NOBLE PRINCE who can surprise this lot.

Race 7 :Open race 5. REGAL CONNECTION has a clear advantage over 3. PASTICHE who will relish the extra distance.8. OCEAN CREST is the one to watch out for

Race 8: 3. STAR LUMINARY has the class but i dont think the terms of the handicap will suit him today hence he is not worth a bet horses to consider as a betting proposition are 10. CHIQUITITA or 6. BRAVISSIMA but this race is best left alone

Race *: Hydrebad contenders 2. HYPNOTIQ and 1. SHES GOT THE LOOK will fight it out 3. MYSTIFIED needs more time dosenot look ready yet.

Todays card has attracted a very strong field it is very difficult to pridict a winner today however the following are worth a punt and good luck for the day

Race 1: SHE`S BIG good each
Race 3: PRET A PORTE good eachway
Race 4: DIAMOND SHOWER place
Race 6: BADGE OF GOLD eachway
Race 7: REGAL CONNECTION each way

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tips for bangalore 7 July

Race 1: 3. ADORNA and 9. BAFFLED should fight it out in this race 1. REFERENCE is not worth a bet if he is the favorite.

Race 2: Bad race best left alone 5. TOBIN and 4. LADY IN STYLE will make the finish interesting.

Race 3: 3. CZAR ALEXANDER seems to be a good type but the fact that he stillhasn runa race means that the horsehas just come to hand, his mock race was ok but this i still his first run. Pesi never lets his first timer pressed hard and hence my advise is not to touch this horse as he is running in good company and will be put under preassure... if he wins good luck but at these odds its not worth a risk. Horse that need a lot of attention is 7. WHISKEY BANDIT who has run in good company and is ready to strike today. for jackpot or place prospects 10. CASINO ROYAL is the one to watch.

Race 4: 1. QUEEN RANIA DESERVES credit to win here however the fact that this horse is running after almost 2 mths after such an immpresive win is bothering me. If a horse is in form a gambeling owner like haresh mehta will try within a 3 week period. from a punting point of view there is reasonable doubt in my mind that someting is not right with this horse hence I have elected to pick 7. BLISS who seems to have been prepared nicely to win this race.

Race 5: Very open race but my choice is on 9. TURBO BABE who has very good handicap chance.

Race 6: 8. KHALEELS PRIDE is the only threat to 1. DIABOLICAL who has the class to win however his fitness is in doubt hence this race is best left alone.

Race 7: 2. OUR EXCELLENCEE is a far improved horse and should win well from 6. ASTRAEA

Race 8: another race best left alone however 11. ALYCIAA can topple the cart.

Race 9: 3. SECRET WISH is a serious threat in this open race and is a good each way chance today.

Good luck all

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tips for bangalore 1 July

Race 1: Bad race however if there is money on 2 SPORTING MASTER he will win.

Race 2: Another bad race best left alone however 4. TEN DOWNING STREET need a lot of attention here ran a good race first up and will be right there .

Race 3: 2. SPY MATE has run in far superior company and should win if the jockey hits the front. 8. LIVE IT UP must be considered for jackpot or place prospects.

Race 4: 3. ASSOCIATOR should win this one if given the green signal how ever expect some resistance from 4. TIGANA .

Race 5: 5. THE FORCE is best left alone today as he won in heavy conditions and has a penalty of a class i.e 12kg for his last win .3. ALMANDINE is running after a long layoff but has been on the track and looks fit however to run a 1800 mts race first up is not an easy task hence the whole race is thrown open .Horses like 1. SUAVE and 2. CHILLY WIND come into the pitcure because of their consistancy 1. SUAVE in particular dose need some thaught as no whip jockey will suit his style. 10. ABIDE PROVEN need special attntion this horse can stay all day and has been stripped fit and is my choice of a good each way bet.

Race 6: Once again the best 2 horse are running against each other and once again the better jockey will be the factor.In there last meeting HC didnot win because he is a better horse but because the race was run to suit him and the smarter jockey got the prize. HC is a finisher i.e when asked he can chase down the fronrunner before the post that is what ecactly happened when he beat SE last time. Today it will be a different race alltogeather Prakash will try different tactics on SE. Drawn 1 he will settle the horse behind HC and only make the move after HC since when they enter the home straight if SE is on the outside of HC only then will SE win because in the straight SE will be overtaking HC and has a good spurt to give himselfe a 3-4 lenght advantage over HC in the last 350 mts. Because HC is a finisher it will be very difficult for him to come up with a second run to beat SE as its always difficult beat someone who has already overtaken you all you do is follow. However please make a note of 8. ALLEZ INDI the extra distance will be in his favor plus the fact that a 10kg handicap in his favor puts him at a better advantage so dont rule out a upset. I know a lot of people will laugh when they read the above but please make note that if SE wants to Beat HC he will have to make the move after him and from the outside.

Race 7: Open race best left alone 6. MAGICAL SPIRIT is my choice.

Race 8: 12. PANCHAKSHARI will make the finish very interesting and is my choice to win from 3. BECKHAM .

Race 9: Lokks like this race is between 3 horses 4. DARK HORSE 3. FIGHTING STAR and 9. YOUNG STAR who is my choice to win due to the Jockey and equipment change. He is a good horse and should win here.

Yes I am back in action all the best and with ramu horses follow the betteng trend in the last 3 mts.

Horse that are worth a bet are

Knock Knock

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