Friday, December 31, 2010


Race 1: Going by the last spurt and positive change in jockey plus a huge drop in class indicates Sunny Superbe, will be very hard to beat should be considered as a days best. Burning Ambitions, is the obvious danger but the former will be hard to beat.

Race 2: Not a lot of horses seem interested here which gives Gazaki, the best chance to win. Inspirator, is tracking very well and will keep the former honest.Spark Of Knight, can upset

Race 3: First Timers Field Marshal, and Ben Ten, look good the the latter looks to be ready

Race 4: Abnoba, should run the better of the 3 fancied runners Sweet Caroline, is the danger. Make note of Lads Gladiator, is a improved horse and will trouble them all if tried.

Race 5: The odds on Youre Stunning, are a bit of a worry so proceed with caution horse has the class but the trainer doesnot. Divine Strike, looks well prepared and the handicap is handy too can win here is tried which is likely Refresh, is well above this class of animals but needs to be on job can upset

Race 6: Delacroix, needs another chance to win here and can do it Duchess Of York, and Gunpowder, are the obvious danger the former has the right jockey and the latter is ready to strike note

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mumbai 30 Dec

Race 1: dont be fooled by the choice of jockey on Pharoah, he should make ammends, Antia will have a lot of explaining to do is his stablemate win Honey Bee, is a better animal but has a lot of issues including bloodvessel can upset if she doesnot break down.
Tips: Pharoah, Upset: Honey Bee,

Race 2: Celtic Manor, should fight it out with Glorious Miss, for honors the former on breeding cant be ignored should win Mypethoney, is one that can upset or place
Tips: Celtic Manor, Glorious Miss, Upset: Mypethoney,

Race 3: Open race but the winner should be between 2-3-4-5-6. I personally feel Hickory, has the best chance today to win from Alohamora, or the F Lady. However make a note of Aleutian Zone, for an upset has a huge drop in class and can upset is worth a eachway bet
Tips: Hickory, Alohamora, Upset: Aleutian Zone,

Race 4: Mia Stella, win was noteworthy and should win if the owners crediblity can be trusted only the stablemate can beat her.

Race 5: Oh Calcutta, should win at this handicap Demonstrator, is the only danger
Race 6: Mountain Glory, is avoidable due to the following fact Mountain Glory (20/12/2010 Respiratory Infection)
Tips: Swift Memories,Indomitable, Upset: Marauder,
Race 7: Beemer, will win and should be tried dont ignore Sea Bucaneer, is the danger if tried which is highly unlikely. Make note of Midsummer Knight, this horse will win when tried
Tips: Beemer, Sea Bucaneer, Upset: Midsummer Knight,
Race 8: Proud Star, has been tuned to the minute will be hard to beat Twin Spice, seems to have a problem in passing horses should be right there Reinstate, can place note for minor bets
Tips: Proud Star, Twin Spice, Upset: Reinstate,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mumbai 26 dec 2010

Race 1: This race is for gamble horses Arzaan, is the one to note is a gamble horse and ready to strike blood vessel is a problem but he will be hard to beat today Brilliant Moon, should be right there. make note of Rajdoot, the extra distance will help his cause can place at long odds.

Race 2: Freany, has been hooked for a long time has the merit to win here but ?? Enchanted, is in the same boat so best to watch the market on them however the latter is a better horse. This race has a few hidden horses and atleast 6 of them are all interconnected including the above 2. without giving too much away horses 1-3-4-5-7-10 are the ones in question. I personally think there will be a gamble on Money For Nothin, here this horse is a good animal is running in a class race for the first time was given a easy race in open class where all runners were class 3 and above now in class 4 with some track works looks fit to fight I will take a chance on him here dont ignore

Race 3: Constantina, should break the jinx

Race 4: Blackjack, should win but has to ward off Strategic Change,

Race 5: Ocean Emperor, has the right jockey to guide his fortunes today but Sexy Eyes, and Legionnaire, will keep him honest the latter is the one to note

Race 6: Salt, was shown the post a bit too early and lost because of that today has a wide draw but should be right there Our Chieftain, was very impressive and cant be ignored should be the one to beat Mountain Wind, is tracking very well.

Race 7: Michele Marieci, and Flashing Sword, should dominate the finish the latter has a better chance only because of the jockey. the well bred Ner Tamid, can upset note.

Race 8: Best to watch this race Aristos, will keep the field honest

Race 9: Kimaya,Cougar, toss up the latter is better Arshavin, is the one to note can upset at good odds note
Tips:Cougar,Kimaya, Upset: Arshavin,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas My Friends

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope we all have a good day. there are a few well placed horses today and is worth looking at value specially at small time trainers.

Race 1: Par Mishap Swift Star, should win however Recharged, and Day Trader, are clasy horses too the latter if fit can upset.

Race 2: Capote, showed no heart when under pressure is tracking well but looks a unlikely winner Magnitude, looks like a better animal and will prove it. Stablemate Own Empire, can upset.
Tips: Magnitude, Upset: Own Empire,

Race 3: Open race but Smart Edition, is the horse to beat and will be right there today note. Jack O Lantern, is a gamble horse his fate will be decided in the ring but should be tried here. If Kunigal Star, is fit and well he can upset.

Race 4: Montedoro, if tried should run a good race watch the market and decide there are 2 horses that will make it very difficult for him today Supremacy, and One For The Money, the former is my first pick due to jockey factor. Donot ignore Gift Of Love, as a good outside chance specially if the trainer has a win early on as it will be a nice christmas gift from Santa.

Race 5: Valahak, is a very nice animal but a small horse too and wieght is a worry here since there isnt a lot in this field he can pull it off.
from the rest of the runners Fleeting Spirit, does look like the one who will keep him honest make note.
Tips: Valahak, Fleeting Spirit, (note) Upset: Sky Marshal,

Race 6: If Class has anything to do with racing then Classerville, should leave them plodding looks very fit but bloodvessel is a problem Camelot, Blink,and Scimitar, are the danger animals.
Tips: Classerville, Camelot, Upset: Scimitar,

Race 7: Modern Art, needs a strong rider make your decision once jockey is declared. Best Time, is tracking very well and if given a fair ride he is the one to beat make note is worth a good eachway bet. Sher Dil, has been consistant and should be considered as an upset.

Race 8: Better Than Best, looks very well tuned for the race Sprawling Elegance, will keep him honest. Make note of The Phenomena, here was a very talented 2yo but had a setback and is making a late debut and no evident track work but has been prepared in the pool the trainer is a smart man and has very well placed horses today in am very confident he will have a shot here and if the horse doesnot breakdown he will win and looks a nice christmas gift NOTE will be at very good odds and worth a eachway punt.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bangalore 24th Dec

Race 1: Although Lad Fury, merits attention he is running a wrong odds for the following reason.. he is running amongst 4 horses that have run in the same race and have improved since then as evident by track work al 4 horses finished in a 4l radius and being 3 year olds expect imprvement. Don Diego, is another horse that has a good chance too so it is advisable to avoid the favorite here and good luck if he wins. Ipersonally think Secretary General, and Sky Rider, should show a lot of improvement since last run and should account for it both should finsih in the frame and the former has a slight edge to win too.

Race 2: Gamble race with 2 prominent trainer likely to make a big coup always a danger Princess Coup, and Fruit King, are the ones in question the former is in form and looks better then the latter. from the rest of the runners Classical Charm, and Splendid Dancer,, are likely candidates the former has the best jockey in the set and the latter is ready to thrill the finish. make no mistake he will be right there.

Race 3: Rip Van Winkle, should repeat only if Foresight, doesnot take a level jump.
Race 4: There has been a lot of work put in the prepwork for Rezoom, and going by that he will be hard to beat in this set. Senor Speedy, is a much improved horse and can repeat.
Tips: Rezoom, Upset: Senor Speedy,

Race 5: First Timers
Race 6: Very Very open race but make note of Royal Nature, here will win if tried and looks like he is on job dont ignore Good Eachway

Race 7: Flame Back, should complete Darashah/Mulerman double.Champs Elysees, can upset

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