Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bangalore 31 May

Very interesting card with many classic potential horses running in sets where the competition looks weak but some horses and prove otherwise. This can make some interesting results.

Race 1: Interesting race PHOENIX REACH is a sparingly race horse who is tracking well enough to command support but being his first run after almost 120 days been on the track only 3 times in a month poses a lot of questions on her fitness plus carrying 62 kgs... plus Ramus very low strike rate in Vb races suggest that it will pay to leave her alone if she win the good luck. I think the winner will come from 7-4-8 all three are tracking well.LIVE IT UP has the best credentials today on handicap and should account for it.ROYAL ARTIST and ROYAL FILLY if the jockey have the right intentions can make the finish interesting however I still think Live it up is a good each way chance.

Tips: Live it up/Royal Artist/Royal Filly. Note: Phoenix Reach needs this run and it will pay to halve your bets on her

Race 2: Lack of a competitive set gives a good winning chance to MISS HONEYDEW who has a run benefit and decent track work however money should come he way. Make note of SENSATIONAL BAY who has been tracking extremely well and in this set can strike if the intentions are right, Place looks a good bet and win is not out of reach.

Tips: Miss Honey Dew/SENSATIONAL BAY

Race 3: the odds on STAR PRESENTATION who is still a maiden and running in class 3 with 58 kgs have surprised me in saying that he does have a good chance to win but not and outstanding one as many runners in this set have a lot of experience if you still like his chances halve your bets or don't touch him under even money. EVER SO CLEVER has been tracking extremely well and has the credentials to beat the favorite along with SCIMITAR who looks certain in can be avoided. Make note of JERSEY POWER who is the dark horse at this handicap has a strong rider on his back and tracking well too can upset.

Tips: Ever so Clever(each way or place certain)/Star Presentation Upset: JERSEY POWER(small each way chance)

Race 4: Not very often you will see a horse that has had only 2 career starts won one and second in the other is running in class 2.It can only say one of 2 things, either the horse is out handicapped or this horse is too good I agree with the latter option. In my opinion ARCHIPENKO is a very good horse his loss to FLEETING ARROW should be taken with a pinch of salt and the tables will be turned today. However in saying that his stable mates entries worry me as both have the class to upset the chances of Archipenko. The dark horse here is ALEJANDROS he can upset the lot to get a idea watch hi run in the mock race with Set alight.

Tips:ARCHIPENKO (good bet), Fleeting Arrow; UPSET: ALEJANDROS

Race 5: If BADGE OF GOLD is on job the race is over I am sure he will be tried today. the dangers are STYLISH BAY who has a benefit of a good run and weights and JERSEY PRIDE who can never be discounted.

Tips: Badge of Gold/Stylish Bay (each way) Upset: JERSEY PRIDE

Race 6: Bad race watch the market and decide Man United who is tracking well and has realistic chance to win but Integer who seems to be a nice type and won well in Hyd looks hard to toss however wieght on a filly in heavy going is not good so be careful. The horse that has a clear handicap advantage Splendid Power who does belong to gambeling stable can swoop this set make note.

Tips:Splendid Power(Each way)/Interger Place Good(Man United)

Race 7: Hall Mark is a nice type and tracking very well hence should beat PLEASURING who reall struggled last time out.Another Destiny is tracking well enough to merit attention can upset.

Tips: Hall Mark/Another Destiny ...Avoid:Pleasuring


Anonymous said...

hi tiger
nice work if just 2 of your upsets win i will have my purse full of money iam going to back all of your upsets i missed that dinesa very badly.

Tiger said...

good luck buddy u will do well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks on Jersy Pride... had a go each way ... Great insight !!!!

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