Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bangalore 14-12-13

Race 1: Masked Marvel, is tracking well along with Aero Star, and should dominate the finish. The second named is a Grade 3 Bleeder so best to avoid. Make note of Great Secret, who have been gelded recently and is looking good on track can sneak in a place or upset.

Tips:Masked Marvel, Upset: Great Secret,

Race 2: Spanish Fly, and Dance With Me, Toss up the first named is running after a long layoff.

Tips: Dance With Me

Race 3: Nocturnal Hunter, is better placed on handicap then Ethophian, who has been penalized a lot for his win first up. Arun,  is the joker in the pack at this handicap.

Tips: Nocturnal Hunter,                       Upset: Arun

Race 4: Golden Princess, if tried is ready to strike and can beat them all today.King Of The Court, is coming of a long layoff but can be in the picture.

Tips: Golden PrincessKing Of The Court,

Race 5: Camorra, who set a scorching pace last time will be fitter and well after that run trackwork is very good too and Sun Kingdom, who is coming back to form have the class to beat this set the first named has a advantage due to jockey. Nadia, is horse that can upset will run a good race today.

Tips: Camorra,                       Upset: Nadia,

Race 6: Samara Sun,Nessie, and Sans Frontieres, are my top 3 in this wide open race.

Tips: Sans Frontieres,

Race 7: Sovereign Rule, and Turf Striker, should fight it out.Rock With U, is the dark horse that can upset.

Tips: Sovereign Rule,                 Upset: Rock With U

Race 8: Emancipation,     Upset: Dream Runner, (note)

Race 9: Majestic Opinion,    Upset: Gold N Money,

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