Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bangalore 27-07-2013

Race 1: Open race Star Of Desire,Caraway, and Big Copper Penny, have merit the second named is my pick on handicap.Make note of last named is a speedy animal and can upset if tried.

Tips:Caraway Star Of Desire,             Upset:Big Copper Penny,

Race 2: Interesting race as many 3yos running in Vb some for the first time and true potential will be exposed here for many of them have been running without a goal or intent. Best to avoid the race.

Tips: Maracana,Mister Grey,

Race 3: Azetic Star, has not been on track for a while best to avoid has the class but difficult to back. Horses 5-6-7-10-11 are all tracking well and can win here.

Tips: Guts And Glory,                       Upset: Par Excellence

Race 4: Radical Attraction, should win here

Race 5: Sheer lack of company gives Ambitious Reward, a good chance.Oriental Star, is the danger.

Tips: Ambitious Reward,

Race 6:Par mishap Shivalik Fire, will win the Pronto Pronto plate.

Race 7 : Zizzi, and Shinnecock Hills, should be the top contenders here the first named is better by track and a benefit of a run.

Tips: Zizzi,


Nathan said...

Thank you Tiger All the Best !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi friends dont discount
note:(but this horse is good for 1400m)

Kensam said...

Thanks Boss, waiting for the Pune golis very very eagerly. All the best & Good Luck. regards, Kensam

Anonymous said...

what tiger ji what happened

Anonymous said...

tiger maybe busy in business.

Mahesh said...

Good eveving sir, give me tommarow 2 race guarantee win, qin, for, reply me

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