Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mumbai 21.11.13

Race 1: VB race but horses to consider are Vaile Rouge, who has been hiding true form and likes this track from Neon Light, who likes more galloping room.

Tips: Neon Light,Vaile Rouge,

Race 2: Reckless, and Arch Duchess, toss up both are average horses the first named has an edge due to jockey factor.

Tips: Reckless,

Race 3:This race is in the top 3 horses but Dancing Splendour, was a impressive winner last time today is running first up after being gelded however is tracking very well and if the connections are serious he will be the one to beat.

Tips: Dancing Splendour

Race 4 : Interesting race the bottom 4 horses in particular. Charlotte RayThe Ministerian, and Aigaion, all 3 will relish the long stretch run on this track, the second named has the class and should be the better of the 3 keeping in mind the first named is improving with every run she can play spoil sport. Sumo, and Mint Approach, both should make the pace the first named is not a weight carrier and the last named did not relish the pune track is unbeaten on this track should make the pace but can he sustain it is the question. Charlotte RayThe Ministerian, will be the best suited by the pace and should dominate.

Tips: Charlotte RayThe Ministerian,

Race 5: Considering the field I think there will be a gamble on Windsor, today and if I am right he will win if he takes a level jump. Silsila, likes this track should run a good race today.

Tips: Windsor

Race 6: Dancing Prances, had a setback after last run in august and on that basis is best avoided.Indian Touch,Mykonos, and Brindaban, come into the picture on that basis. the last two should dominate.

Tips: Mykonos, Upset Brindaban,

Race 7 : Trisara, and Alecto, toss up. The first named has a bright future.

Tips: Trisara, Upset: Alecto,

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Nathan said...

boss thanx for your valueable comments and tips nd please post ur analysis on bangalore 22-11-2013 it will be great help for us.

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