Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bangalore 27.07.2014

Race 1: Appy's Pride,         Upset: Blue Star

Race 2: ActualSuper Queen

Race 3: Bessie,Vistabella

Race 4: LuciaBold Majesty,

Race 5: InquisitionRidgeway,

Race 6: Sans Frontieres,Simpleton,

Race 7: Ocean ParkCentral Park,


Anonymous said...

golisab i am gantimurthy first sorry to my comment today your selection bad but still today follwwed your choice thank you sir

Anonymous said...

Gantimurthy goli koothiya nakkathae en poola sappu super selection varum ok vaa.

Anonymous said...

hello vizak check your tips with results

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ganti Murthy
why beg for tips on every blog and make cheap comments. You are like a parasite. Grow up.
Madhu babu

Anonymous said...

my dear madhubabu thank you for advise i will follow your advise gantimurthy

Anonymous said...

goli sir i am any wrong with you if yes i am very very sorry sir

Tiger said...

Calm down boys racing is for ever.

Anonymous said...

Pune (Rs 25,000)

Hyderabad (Rs 20,000)

Kolkata (Rs 20,000)!betting-plan/cmge

goli what is ur stand on paid tipsters

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Gosavi is that good, he can bet on his selections from his pocket and make millions. fact is he ain't that good.

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