Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pune 17 August

Race 1: Anybodies race Jockey skills will matter. Mykonos, is the one to beat but Remember Me, loves this track and will relish the fast pace and can upset them all.

Tips: Remember MeMykonos,

Race 2: Shining Path,Achieve, and Cactus Cash, should fight it out here the last named will improve a lot from his last run and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Cactus Cash,Shining Path,

Race 3: Okavango, and Mountbatten, are my top two in this race the first named will be the one to beat.

Tips: Okavango, Mountbatten

Race 4: Some decent animals are running here but Simply Divine, has an edge due to a run benefit. Make note of first timer Remarkables, can sneak in a place at good odds.

Tips : Simply Divine,                      Upset: Remarkables,

Race 5: Your Royal MajestyThe Other Song, and Tap Dance, are my short listed 3 in this open race. The last named is well prepared and has a good handicap. The Other Song, is best on track and can upset.

Tips: Tap Dance,             Upset: The Other Song,

Race 6: Constantine, is a nice animal and will be the one to beat. Shania, will keep her honest. Make note of Quick Angel, for place.

Tips: Constantine,Shania,                 Upset: Quick Angel

Race 7: Polydences, is a very nice animal and if the jockey can handle the pressure of a Graded race he will win.

Tips:  Polydences

Race 8: Open race.

Tips: SansaniPhelps,             Upset: Rocking,

Race 9: Open race 

Tips:  MuntasirMt Tianmen,         Upset: Mountain Treasure,


Anonymous said...

sir i am durgarao 1-5 2-6 3-4 4-2 any chance

Anonymous said...

sab saale chor ha.....roj 40 paise k gul...shroff saream kehcta ha....kha callcitta hydrabad..poona....sab se bada chor bazar rwtc...

appala raju said...

your tips is superub

appala raju said...

please keep going

appala raju said...

please keep going

appala raju said...

please keep going

Anonymous said...

Super tips sir your hero sir

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