Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pune Pointers

Quick tips today
Race 4: 2. HUGO BOSS ,5. AQUILO
Race 5: 5. ELMWOOD ,9. TORQUE

I will be discontinueing the blog after today due to personal reasons,thank you for your support and good luck.


lalwani said...

It Will/Maybe a great lost to your
admires/well wishes, I kindly request you to put your choices in
Turfparrot in case you close your blog,but istill feel you can help all by doing something.

Anonymous said...

U R The Best.Try 2 give second thaught.

viren66 said...

Tiger please for the sake of all your admirers give it a second thought !! Believe you me there would be people (including me) who wait for your suggestion and tips before going for races



Anonymous said...

Dear Tiger,
By winning Pune Derby, you have proved that you deserve the title TIGER.
I always follow your suggestion, and today I was the only person at ring smiling, after the result of Pune Derby.
Your suggestion have helped n - numbers of ordinary small punters, and their well-wishes will always stand for you, when ever you are in distress.
Would you like to re think on your decission to say all of us GOOD - BYE.
We will not forget you easily.
With all our best wishes.
Surendra Prasad Sao

Anonymous said...

not now tiger pls give your fans a reason this info has come to me and a lot of my friends as a great shock.

Anonymous said...

its a sad day for me tiger and is this decision is based on the comments and alegations made against you then you should reconsider. I have read those comments and can undestand your disgust but if you read all the positive comments from your followers I hope you you also take the good out of it finally its your choice but dont let these losers win.

vijay said...

goli master , tiger , if do not want to post in future why have this blog.shut this down.we punters will go away if this site is not reachable until then we have to visit everyday to see if you have posted.nair and others will be happy for having ejected you.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I too agree dont know why Golimaster want to stop his blog. Iam sure it is going to effect many of his followers, his selection were really admirable there are some blogs which I love to view before takeing on the battle field. Anyway i wish Tiger best of luck and hope he will back soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I too agree dont know why Golimaster want to stop his blog. Iam sure it is going to effect many of his followers, his selection were really admirable there are some blogs which I love to view before takeing on the battle field. Anyway i wish Tiger best of luck and hope he will back soon.


Anonymous said...

my name is Chanakya kaushik and I read yr comments regularly and to be frank I do give weightage to yr opinion...
I am not a gambler or a punter who lives on racecourse earnings but can tell you that stopping the postings to yr blog is not a correct decision,as this blog will be existing , minus you...
one advice...
delete the stupid comments as failures and incompetents have NO RIGHT TO EXIST in a competitive world...
harsh words but true...

decide ,what is right for you, and act... forget about 'free lunchers'...

Ankur said...

Dear Golinaster

First of all in jock i m saying that you are choosen name golimaster bit the selections are also like goli on sunday Gobline w the biggest goli of the day.Sir to day hen i saw you are closing the blog that is hearting us as we other punter are based north india and survivd by you people like goli,horsesandrces.toothnnail,eagleeyes ect alongwith some uefull sites i request you plese do not continew the blog let other people who do not want any creative work might be posting some odd things on the blog which is not good as per my openion everybody is having his on thinking style no body can change the thinking openion of any body so let the other dogs say any this it will not effect you. i have posting this mssge to you and yesterday i have posted one massge in gopal blog also in the same way that we are surviving because of your blogs so plese continew the sme. Thanks Ankur

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


I have been following this blog for a while and always find your unique way of tipping very interesting. You have shared a amount of knowledge with most of us and have never involved your self in debate with the comments.
Why do it now I have read the alegations and also seen the support you have got from various parties and am sure you will make the right decision in time.

The point I am putting across is that a lot of people support you so please consider them.
Try making the blog as a members only to solve this problem.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tiger,
Please reconsider your decision on closing down your blog unless you are doing so on genuine family commitments.
I am one of your admirers who appreciate your ability in picking out longer odds winners, AMARANZA, CHARLIE PARKER, GOBELIN to name a few in the recent past, I respect your picks as you give reason for your choices hitting the nail on the head most of the time.
If you still decide enough is enough, I thank you for all the information you have provided all these days to small time punters like me.

Anonymous said...

natakbasi bandh karo.either give tips or shut the blog dont try to garner sympathy these tricks are stale now east or west nair is and will be the best

Anonymous said...

Dear Tiger,
This is my second mail to you.

The high opinion posted by many of your followers is a definit proof that you deserve the title "TIGER".

I remember few months before a cowered has critised very badly on IMRAN,s site about him and had (cowerdly)written your name.

You have very politely answered that this is done by " A Snake In The Grass ".

Every body including Mr. IMRAN believed this.Afterwards,both of You became very good friends and have praised each other.

It is worth mentioning here that both of you are excelent.

COMING TO THE POINT, today we find another attempt by the " Snake". He has critised you, but taken Mr. Nair,s name. Believe me this cannot be by Mr. Nair.

He is also very good in this field,and will never do an indisent act.Any way,the "snake" has given me the oppertunity to address you again.

I hope appeal of n - numbers of people will compale you not to stop your "price-less" service to,small punters like me who may not survive in this forest of covered wolves.

We all need TIGER.

Surendra Prasad Sao,Bangalore.

pat said...

hello mr tiger, i would like to request you to post the tips in ihrb yahoo group moderated by stud boy it is a pretty good group with lots of decent folks who always swear by stud boy your balanced views and tips can help us better.


tanmay said...

Dear Tiger,
you were d ony person who made me happy wid ur study every weekend, but now u r d only person who will make me sad every weekend.I don know y u r leavin but its my request to u to plz stay n continue to help d needy...Have a gr8 life ahead...

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