Friday, January 25, 2013

Bangalore 25-1-13

Race 1: Gamble race with a many open look as many horses will be tried and true form is unknown best to avoid or go slow.

Tips: Law Of The Land,Buzzword,     Upset: Immaculate,

Race 2: First timers hard to say Natural View, should be the one to beat.

Race 3: Gamble race best to avoid.

Tips:Artic Breeze Divine Strike,

Race 4: Bad race 

Tips:Sukhmanee, Sweet Secret

Race 5: Wide open race and an upset can be ruled out.

Tips: Hillsboro,Free Law,

Race 6: WhistlejacketIndravati

Race 7: BrownieSpark Of Diablo,

Race 8: Artesia,Refreshed


Anonymous said...

Dear GM,

I like Che Guevara for win in race number 3. This is my reasoning.

After entering handicap races, this horse has had a positive change in equipment, i assume the trainer wanted to see how the animal responds to it. The first run was apparently in the wrong distance. The second run, in a more suited distance, the horse showed potential, where it finished 11 lgts behind the winner, saltoftheearth which won by 8 lgts and is definitely a superior animal.

After two runs in class 4, it ran in class V for the first time in race number 132. That race was won by Dance with me from the same trainer, which explains its poor performance.

Today, with the trainer's favourite gamble jockey, che guevara is running in class V again.

As for the other horses, i feel most of the fancied runners, except Catch the eye, have been tried at least once in their career and did not show any extra spark.

As for Catch the eye, he is a live danger, but as a rule, I never back horses from Amit Caddy's stable.

In my experience, there's no better person than you who could tell how the trainers think. So, your views will be of great help here.


Anonymous said...


Words cannot express how much I am indebted to you.

your selection artic breeze,hills bro and brownie have made my day.

I was down in dumps and this has lifted my

Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU

sweetsweety76 said...

What selection sir, i am your biggggggggg fan of you

sweetsweety76 said...

What selection sir, i am your biggggggggg fan of you

isr said...

Thanks for the good selections.In Race No: 5 Hillsboro and Free law - a straight forecast is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. In Race 5 I took bet on both 11 & 2, but did not take FC & QN

Anonymous said...

thanx tiger for ur great selection and I salute fr that as I alwys play ur choices and hoping fr the best on derby day.

Tiger said...

Hi Pos,

Che Guevara in her last run finished 20 lengths behind the winner and in all previous runs a minimum of 10 lengths behind was running in a span of 13 days and if he was tried and won for any reason there whould be a inquiry and trainer would get in trouble. If the the horse was running after 21 day or more then there is no inquiry as it is the rule of all turf clubs so in future look for 21 days between runs for horses that have not finished on board in their last runs and then make a decision.


Ramprasad CK said...

SIR Tiger

My salutations nd appreciation on ur judgement nd reasoning.

Arctic Breeze: Previous run ridden by Suraj u had doubts and mentioned let us see what is in store.This time u gave outright winner.WOW.

Hillsboro:Comments were a race wide open and the choice were Bang HILLSBORO?FREELAW.Imagine a field of 12 horses nd u tip I nd II both above tenners with impunity. Absolutely Tigerish to say the least.

Of course Brownie a right choice.
True there may b some ot
her tips might have gone wrong. But it is racing nd we have to take it ing the right spirit.

Small observation which I suppose u will appreciate; In Hillsboro race out of twelve horses half of them were sporting heavy leg bandages nd that too of different colors. Shame that in leading race center highly rated races we have only such horses participating . Punters please note.

A word of reply accepting our salute will make our day (Republic Day)

Ramprasad CK.

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