Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mumbai 20 04 2013

Race 1 : Bad race best to avoid.
Tips: Neptune Ice Age

Race 2: Mountain Force, has a slight advantage here as the heat and distance can affect the fillies.

Tips: Mountain Force,

Race 3: Soneeyo, and Nush, toss up riding skills will matter.

Race 4: Baroness, has a clear advantage over the field due to experience and the jockey.To The Manor Born, and Fontanelle, are tacking well and if they are good animals it is likely they will beat the first named best to avoid.

Race 5: Stolen Relic, seems a nice horse should be the one to beat.Mountain Wind, is a joker in the pack here and can upset note.

Tips: Stolen Relic,         Upset: Mountain Wind, (note)

Race 6: Rio, has an edge here should be the one to beat. Modus Vivendi, ia the obvious danger.

Tips: Rio,

Race 7: The manner in which Wentworth, is tracking it is evident that she is a good type and is the one to beat.Carlton House, has a very good gallop and is the obvious danger.

Tips: Wentworth,Carlton House,

Race 8: Hay Day, is at a good handicap advantage and should be the one to beat.Wish Upon A Star, and Reinstate, are the danger.

Tips:(note) Hay DayWish Upon A Star,

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Anonymous said...

Tiger boy you are too good made a killing on mountain wind, keep it up buddy way to go

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