Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mumbai 7-4-2013

Race 1: A very interesting race with many runners likely to be tried and a gamble on few horses at higher odds is likely.Dreams R Mine,New Star, and Eveready, are the horses I am talking about. The last named is the best of the lot on paper has always run and done well in terms races to is running first time in handicap that too VB which is a huge drop in class but the fact that there is no track-work and a long layoff suggest something is wrong if the paddock conditions are good take a chance. the second named is a nice animal once again sparingly raced so fitness is the ?? but don't worry about the jockey in this set the horse will be tried and should finish in the fray.I am fairly confident that there will be a gamble on Dreams R Mine, and if I am right he will be the one to beat as he is tracking very well.

Tips :(note for a Gamble) Dreams R Mine,              Upset: New Star, (note)

Race 2: A bad race however there will be a gamble on Only White, and if I am right he will be the one to beat.Ibis, should run a good race in this set.

Tips: Only White,Ibis,

Race 3: Sariska, is a filly and will be running her 3rd hard race in 24 days its a lot specially for a filly best to avoid.Festival Night,Fireheart, and Erotic Flame, should be tried here and should be the ones to beat. The first named is ready to strike and should be the one to beat. The last named is the joker in the pack here note her for a upset but keep in mind she belongs to H Metha and Co.

Tips :Festival Night,           Upset:  Erotic Flame,

Race 4: It is interesting to see a horse rated 76 is accepted in an 80 and above race so its obvious that Sumo, is good enough to beat this set according to the trainer.There is absolutely no doubt he lost a certain race last time thanks to the jockey but the question is who did he actually beat and if you compare that with the rest of the field you will realize that he has a tough task ahead of him as this is a very good set of horses.He can win but wont be easy and it will be the jockeys skills that will get him there.Spirit Of Mercy,  is best on handicap between horses 2-3-4 as they have run against each other in races 35-145-262. Mighty Crusader, can easily over looked here as he has no form but if you consider his last run where he finished 5lths behind Haciko you can expect him to improve a lot today as a mile is his pet trip and I personally feel if ridden on merit today he will win with ease.

Tips :Mighty Crusader,Spirit Of Mercy,

Race 5: Have got no clue what Razeenaa, is doing in this class should be the one to beat.Make note of Impressive Touch, as Imtiaz has opted to run her in a higher class is very well placed on handicap and can upset don't Ignore.

Tips: Razeenaa,             Upset: Impressive Touch,(note)

Race 6: Being a Class 1 sprint its difficult to judge as the race can be run 10 times and the result will be different as jockey skills and timing the runs is the key and make note any of the 6 runners can win I am going with best 2 jockey in the set.

Tips: Amadeus,Master Bullet,(toss up)

Race 7: Open race for youngsters but Trisara, is the one to beat looks a very speedy animal.Emperor Of France, and You're The Boss also cant be overlooked specially the last named best to avoid the race.

Race 8: The Karl Umrigar trophy is one of the most prestigious races in Western India and Pesi is very closely attached to this trophy, If my memory serves me correct since he has become a trainer he has won this race and I am sure he has kept his best for the last.In saying that today his ambitions will be tested as there are many horses here that are prepared with this race in mind and may the best horse win.Ace Fantasy Falco Nero, and Sydney, are first timers but are blazing the track the last named named was very impressive on his mock race and should run a very good race the second and first named wont make it easy for any one. Alaindair,Haunting Moments, and Insignia, have had the benefit of a run and are very well prepared and should be the ones in the fray the Last named should win here if all goes well.

Tips :Insignia,                 Upset: Haunting Moments,

Race 9: Looking at the field you can safely end your day with Zakynthos, today. Danger if any is Soneeyo

Tips: Zakynthos,                   Upset: Soneeyo

Days Best: Zakynthos,
Double: Insignia, Zakynthos,
Kaichi or win bets: Razeenaa,Amadeus, InsigniaZakynthos,

Eachway or Place bets: Dreams R MineFestival Night,Impressive Touch,You're The Boss,

Bolt from the Blue:New Star Mighty Crusader,

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