Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pune 27.10.2013

Race 1: Word Of Honour, will run a far improved race today and will be the one to beat, Bonobo, will is the danger.

Tips: Word Of Honour

Race 2: A wide open race but Bourbon Street, and National Pride, are ready to strike and will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Bourbon Street, Upset:  National Pride,

Race 3: Casino Jack,Asahi, and Negotiator, in very good form and will fight for honors, the first named is on a nice handicap and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Casino Jack,Asahi,

Race 4: Another wide open race which can go any way best to avoid. National Glory, can create a flutter.

Tips:Deja Vu  Upset: National Glory

Race 5: Highlander, and Reynolds, toss up the first named is better.

Tips: Highlander,

Race 6: Arch Duchess, is probably the best performed animal in the set but as noted in race 83 of bangalore she doesn't accelerate under pressure which is not a good sign. Her current trackwork suggest she has improved but being a sprint and many fast horses I am not too sure if this distance will suit her. She should win but wont be surprised if she flops. Blazing Torronaado, seems to be a very fast animal and will be right there.

Tips:Arch Duchess, Upset: Blazing Torronaado,

Race 7: 2yos first timers so hard to say. Heart Of The City,Solomon, and Striking Story, who should have won on debut.

Tips: Heart Of The City,Solomon

Race 8: Colourful Prince, is fresh and ready to strike here. However the race is wide open and anyone can win but he will run a good race today. Shabdeez, is older but likes this track can upset if ridden on merit.

Tips: Colourful Prince,                        Upset: Shabdeez

Race 9: 22 horses best to avoid. My money will be on Dhishkyaon, and Double Diamond, here as I am fairly confident that they will be tried.

Tips: Dhishkyaon, Upset Double Diamond,

Race 10: Some very talented milers running here and it will be a interesting finish. On class New World, is way ahead of this set and if he is sound he will win.Belmont, and Stiletto, are both sitting on a decent handicap and well prepared and will be in the fray if the first named is not tried.

Tips: New WorldStiletto,               Upset : Belmont

Days best: New World
Bolt from the blue: Dhishkyaon


Anonymous said...

sir thanks for usful analysis and tips. Especialy ur money and ours momey on doble diamond

Anonymous said...


Please give your colcatta tips


Suresh said...


Please post for Bangalore.

Raj said...

Tiger ji plz post tips for today b'lore plz plz plz ............. Raj

Anonymous said...

sir today blore tips plz tiger ji

Anonymous said...

sir ur posting or not posting?

isr said...

Wish you and your family happy and prosperous DIWALI.

Anonymous said...

tiger sir bengalaru tips

Anonymous said...

tiger ji

raghu said...

sir you gimme ur days best

nandu said...

69 banglore 02/11/13
invisible prince

Anonymous said...

sir. As usual you have not gaven firstday of bangal. Thankr

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