Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mumbai 9 Feb 2014

Race 1: Interesting race, horses 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-11 all have a fair chance if tried. Handicap and intent will play a major role in the result. Fleetwood Mac, was a bit rusty last run as he was coming back after a break should improve a lot and will be the one to beat, Ucheshrawa, ran on well last time is ready to strike today with the right jockey. The horse to look out for Winning Destiny, not sure on intent but handicap suggest he will be tried and can upset here at worst will place.

Tips: Ucheshrawa,Fleetwood Mac,                Upset: Winning Destiny,

Race 2: First timers so hard to say, From the horses that have had a run Zurich, looks to have improved and should run a good race. From the first timers Grenadine, is tracking very well and should be in the fray.

Tips: Zurich,Grenadine,

Race 3: Trance, and Invictus, are both at an advantage in this race the first named is running a handicap race for the first time after competing in 6 graded races has a handy handicap and should make most of it, stablemate Invictus, is now down in class and should show improvement here and will keep the stablemate honest. The unbeaten Montreal, will be tested in this set. Hidden Goodness, is the danger but not sure if he will stay the trip.

Tips: Trance, Upset: Invictus

Race 4: First timers again but Locarno, and Simply Divine, have both a benefit of an easy run and should improve a lot will be touch and go between the two.

Tips: Locarno, Simply Divine

Race 5: A wide open race but Feast Of Love, and Indispensable, are running a handicap race for their first time and being a VB race will run a very good race. the first named has done well as the youngster on this course has a benefit of a run and now ready to strike. The second named seems have come to hand and last mock race suggest he is ready and these two will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Feast Of Love,  Indispensable,

Race 6: A wide open race with most runners are in with a chance.Quest For Love, is very well placed on handicap and will run a very good race if tried.TrisaraMars,and Hawker, have a lot of merit too the last named is running a handicap for the first time but is running after a long lay off, the first named lacks initial speed but has been prepared well and should be right there, the second named will be running on merit for the first time today and can upset.

Tips: Quest For Love,Trisara, Upset: Mars,

Race 7: Open race Flanker, and Lancelot, are both running for the first time but are tracking very well and can upset the lot.

Tips: Flanker, Upset Lancelot,

Race 8: Amelia,Mariinsky,  tossup the first named is better.

Race 9: Toroloco,Caesars Star, and Montezuma, are my shortlisted 3 in this wide open race the first and last named will improve a lot after their last run and will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Toroloco,Caesars Star,  Upset:  Montezuma,

Race 10: A wide open race in a memory of a wonderful person may the best horse win.

Tips:(note) Adams Spirit,Angel In The Sky,             Upset: Adios Amigo


Anonymous said...

Tiger is back

Anonymous said...

tiger sir
1-3win 6.5/1
9-1win 6.5/1

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tigerji kaiyilae paiyee athula enda vaiee

shanky said...

Today in Mumbai race I like Moon Raker and Gran Amigo place,certainly will be in 2/3 spot.

shanky said...

Mountbaten is in striking mood today.

Anonymous said...

Tiger ji, please post ur selections for today mumbai race, we r waiting eagerly

rajvu said...

Hi Tiger
Any postings today

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