Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mumbai 16 Feb 2014

Race 1: Track work and form suggest Top Commander, should win here however make note of Striking Story, don't worry about the jockey the horses is good enough to upset over this distance.

Tips: Top CommanderUpset: Striking Story,

Race 2: A wide open race Antia has a few runners here and its hard to say which one will be tried.My Freedom, and Sunshine Heart, are well placed on handicap and tracking well enough to suggest they will be tried. Best to avoid the race of take a chance on My Freedom, today.

Tips: My Freedom, Sunshine Heart,            Upset: Earth Orbit,

Race 3: AeacusStar Forceand Queen's Camp, should improve a lot after their last runs and they should dominate the finish. However as the field is big any thing can happen best to avoid the race of halve your bets.

Tips: AeacusStar ForceUpset Queen's Camp,

Race 4 : Dynamo,Jimbo, and Brindaban, are my short Listed 3 in this open race the first named has the best credentials. Make note of the last named she is on a good handicap and will run a very good race can upset if the jockey is up for it.

Tips:  Dynamo,Jimbo, Upset: Brindaban,

Race 5: Tricky race Double Or Quits, has a edge over Penny Lane, but keep in mind he belongs to a gamble connection so watch the market on him.From the rest Aromatica,Jen's GloryAdams Prince, and Aurnia, all have a fair chance if tried the last named is the one to note the step up in distance will suit her and she can upset.

Tips: Double Or Quits,  Penny Lane,               Upset: Aurnia

Race 6: Wide open race horses 1-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-12 all have a fair chance if tried my shortlisted 3 are Achieve,Star Of Babylon,  and Oriental Masti, the first named has a strong rider today and is tracking very well should run a very good race, the last named has the potential to upset.

Tips: Achieve,Star Of Babylon, Upset Oriental Masti,

Race 7: Interesting race and all contenders have a fair chance, Zenofic, who won well on debut should improve a lot and is the one to beat. Joleene, who ran wrong footed on debut should improve too handicap is in favor and she will make the most of it. The horse that will improve a lot today is Simply Sweet, who was given an easy run first up and now is ready to strike note.

Tips: Zenofic,Joleene,  Upset: Simply Sweet,(note)

Race 8: Wide open race best to avoid.

Tips: Starsonboard,Nicanora,      

Race 9 and 10 are worth avoiding or take a chance on National PrideSherlock Holmes, and Dhishkyaon, the first and last named are definitely ready to strike,


Anonymous said...

6-3 was great goli Sir

ramana venkata kalakata said...

Hi i made 6 to one win in yesterdays hyderabad races The Godolphin Barb Million (Gr.3) silver phantom this is to share happiness with race lovers thanks golimaster

rajvu said...

Tiger this entire season was dull please roar and send us your best

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