Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bangalore 15.06.2014

Race 1: Youngsters so hard to read form, Vijay Vaibhav, and Millrose, are in a forward condition and should be the ones to beat.

Tips: Vijay Vaibhav, Millrose,

Race 2: Grand Applause, and Anmol Hira, have better credentials then the rest jockey will make the difference.

Tips: Grand Applause

Race 3: Merion,Salina, and Santa Ana, are 3 Semi Classic animals running today the last two have a benefit of a run over the first named who is a nice type. I am going for handicap here as 7 kgs is a lot to give to your peers.

Tips: Santa Ana,Merion,

Race 4: A wide open race but Diamonite, is very well placed on handicap and will be the one to beat. Alcazaba, and Madame Bovary, will be right there.

Tips: Diamonite,Alcazaba

Race 5: A wide open race on paper Horses 2-6-8-9-10-13-14-16 all have a fair chance. Luck will play a major role here. From the 3 Fancied runners Godspeed, is better but drawn 14 does not help. Tiger Tops, has been prepared very well but will be tested as this is not an easy set of horses will need luck and look out for late finishers as the pace will be very fast, Maisha, has some stamina limitations and if she stays she will beat the fancied lot.LuciaVencedora, are two horses that can upset if luck is on their side. Vencedora, had no luck in her last run but will improve a lot. Lucia, is the one horse I strongly feel can upset here if she can overcome the inside draw she will be moving the fastest and if the jockey can pull her out at the right time she will win.

Tips: Lucia,Godspeed,                Upset:  Vencedora,

Race 6: Azzurro,Smoking Bell, and Starry Moment,  are my top 3 in this wide open race the first named is tracking very well.

Tips: Azzurro,Starry Moment

Race 7: Double O Seven,Rapidest,  and Shinnecock Hills, should fight it out the last named is the better animal that is coming back after an injury if he is right he will be hard to beat.

Tips: Shinnecock HillsDouble O Seven,

Race 8: Turf Tactics has a fair chance to beat Mystic Music, and the race should be between the two. Make note of Secret Dimension, for minor placings today can spring a surprise.

Tips: Turf Tactics,Mystic Music,

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