Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bangalore 29.06.2014

Race 1: A wide open race and any horse can win, Many will be tried here best to avoid or look for value eachway bet.

Tips: Saphira,Encourager,

Race 2: Romantic Fire, will improve a lot from her last forward run and is tracking well has come up a lot will be the one to beat. Ghalib, should run well in this set.

Tips: Romantic FireGhalib,

Race 3: Open race Fruit PrinceJeyem's Spirit, and Spanish Moon, should fight for honors in this race the first named is tracking very well should be the one to beat.

Tips: Fruit Prince   Upset : Jeyem's Spirit,

Race 4: Fire Storm,Astonishing, and Colour Of Gold, should fight tit out the first named has a good chance.

Tips: Fire Storm,Astonishing

Race 5: A wide open race and many chances here keep yours eyes on Laurita, who is tracking extremely well and Komandant, both have a very good chance of winning here. Baracchus, looks good too.

Tips: Komandant,Baracchus,         Upset: Laurita,

Race 6: A wide open race but the following 3 horses will be the ones to beat.Pentagram,West Side Story, and Emperor Cruise,

Tips: Pentagram,West Side Story,           Upset: Emperor Cruise,

Race 7: Another open race best to avoid.

Tips: Will Star,Valerian,          Upset: Icelander

Race 8: Bad race but Dream Star, is tracking very well and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Dream Star,

Race 9: Celtic Prince, and Jolie, should fight it out. the second named is better.

 Tips: Jolie,Celtic Prince,


ISR said...


shanky said...

Bravo! Tigerji, but I feared,to play Emperor Cruise due to jockey astride;
Similarly, Icelander, instead odds wer 8/1 favoured for place prospect, doubtful n didn't play. Unlucky day.
However, u did a gud job ji, Hatsoff..

nani said...

Tigerji, good selections, emperor cruise and ice lander. thanks much

Anonymous said...

after long interval good tips. Please try to post ur urual analysis* it is very usful at race time tn choose a horse . Rajendra blr

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