Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pune 12-10-2014

Race 1: Sail Past,Chase The Ace

Race 2: Wind Of The Hills,Donata

Race 3: Doc Holliday,Basic Life,

Race 4 : Dixie Delight,Magic Vision,

Race 5: Replica,

Race 6: Rosie Sunshine,

Race 7: MaishaTatiana,             Upset: Flashing Chieftain,

Race 8: One Kept SecretHawker,

Race 9: National Pride,Oriental Rocky,


kabadi said...

Woh, good to see GOLI back on the D-Day. This will definately be GOLI's Day. Hope for the best.

Sri Rama said...

Welcome sir...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiger,

How are you I hope your are good.

Thanks for Tips and I wish all the best for your followers.


Anonymous said...

FLUCK only For Each Way....
8.Race.=3=.. Flukes only of Each Way With Longer Odds.......Best of Luck......

Anonymous said...

Excellent tips. I lost heavily. Tq

Ryan Max said...

Good Post that you have shared this service in your portfolio. It will help me to expand my betting.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

kindly post your valuable we are wholly dependent on your selections for cross checking our home work

without your selections playing pune is incomplete...........

every body is no success every day ///and every race/////even god presence in horse sport might be incomplete because of our stewards dt,or any other inter connections......

hope ...///please kindly post pune tommorrow -------hardly waiting your fance-----------and followers

thanks a ton and lot in advance

Anonymous said...

hello goli sir,

we are at pune depending upon your selections

please post as soon as possible

goli followers

Anonymous said...

please give details of pune for the day

respected sir

Anonymous said...


give your tips

thank you

Anonymous said...

sir jee

east or west goli master is best in pune tips

plese publish your tips

Anonymous said...

sir plz give pune selections

Anonymous said...

sir ,

as elephant moves many dogs barks

as paid tipsters barks on you in the name of anonymous

even according to my information,

one of the barking dog towards you is wonderselections

now he converted into paid and make the punters money in his pockets and giving worst selections

rikshaw wala is better punter than wonderselections suresh mallineni

please give your open hearted tips we will follow each way./plc


prince_cv said...

dear tiger sir,
please give your tips ...

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