Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pune 18-10-14

Race 1: National Star,               Upset: Iridescence,

Race 2: Burlesque,      Upset: Whitesox,

Race 3:Zoltan, Lhotse,

Race 4: Classic Moment,           Upset: Gates Of Heaven

Race 5: Fortune Favours,             Upset: Zoraavar,

Race 6: Speed King,Durer,            Upset: Dhanyavaad

Race 7: Flanker,Our Girl

Race 8: The Other Song,Starry Brook,          Upset: Staying Alive, (note)

Race 9: Reach The Stars,Burgundy Rose,         Upset: Veni Vidi Vici,


prince_cv said...

thank you tiger for your valueable tips..

Anonymous said...

sir. Wish u happy deepavali

Anonymous said...

sir jee,

it seems tommorrow is day of upset,,,,only basing on your calculations only we can play tommorrow,,,,none others words cannot be belived or trusted or crossed -------------your the only person which can judge accordingly if race runs fairly ,,,,,,,,,,,

we except and request your selections tommorrow sir jee

please if your free kindly post your diamonds -----------

we will honestly promise you without any fail we will play on each way and 3 way as required at the point of race time

with the help of our home work

we have no trust or source in pune other than your selections

your sincerely

your followers,student in the history of pune races

Anonymous said...

dear goli sir,

as anonymous said playing pune without your selections is incomplete

plz spare time and provide your valuable selections for the sake of your followers

thanks in advance

Anonymous said...


provide your selections

Anonymous said...

dear goli sir

hahah if your not providing selections it implies us their is no upsets

love your selections

Anonymous said...


money can earn in many ways but i can trust only your tips

superub-god bless you

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