Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mumbai 1-2-15

Race 1: SatelliteCentaurus, toss up will be an interesting finish.

Tips: Satellite, Upset: Centaurus

Race 2: Open race horses 7-8-10-11 have a edge over the others who will be in the fray too. Gangnam Style, ran a good forward race after a long break will be stripped fitter here along with Hidden Asset, who has had two easy runs and will be in the fray today these two horses will keep the favorite honest.

Tips: Hidden Asset,  Upset: Gangnam Style

Race 3: Youngsters so hard to say 

Tips: Geronimo,Sweep Aside,              Upset: Daytona

Race 4: Grey Mist,  Upset: In My Life

Race 5: Polydences,          Upset: Set To Fly,(note)

Race 6: Romantic BeautySecret Mission          Upset: Savage Garden,

Race 7: Colombiana,      Upset: Bold Appeal,

Race 8: Shivalik Storm,Tiger Tops,       Upset: The General,

Race 9: Blackbean,Gold Streak,        Upset: Without Fear,


Anonymous said...

dear friends ,

i realised paying for tips is of no use. earlier i paid ex jockeys ,current jockeys , ex trainers , current trainers , jamdaars, syces etc after doing all this i was still in the red. Finally i fell for the sales pitch & promises made by one famous race columist. He stated that his books were always green. No loss for past decade. friends warned me , but i could not resist the temptation. fell for the trap .

after 3 exhausting months following tipster this is his profit

profits generated on 225 bets 190500

he claims that everyone profited yet i have lost

for 225 bets , i had to pay bookmaker tax 202500 ( 9 % half tax )
surely no bookie accepts bets without tax
if they indeed do bookie odds will be lower

in addition to this i paid tipster 150000 , the eventual loss is more than rs 162000

this does not include cost attending races for 3 months

i had to attend for the simple reason i had invested 1.50 lacs for tips

i did not pay mobile charges to race club , if i had been honest , my debit would have trebled

so friends pls tell me is it wrong to pay for tips

what happens to responsibility accountability of tipsters

are they only concerned about their fees

in all this ,only he made profits

we followers are bleeding , our master is conducting classes , what for i don't know.

Anonymous said...


Whomsoever it might be, only a FOOL will proclaim that he can give winners in RACING.

I understand from your e mail that you are a constant visitor to the course, why not work out on your own. Are you a lazy bum. If so then you have to blame yourself.

That way you can feel contented. If the proclaimed MASTER was a genius why should he advertise in books like BOL. Think buddy.

I do not critize him, he has his way AND YOU SHOULD HAVE YOURS.

arun jalapati said...

Plz give comments for tomarow

Mr. Perfect said...

I didnt agree with you..
I also give a paid tips..
But i took money only after winning..
Not in advance. .
So its your mistake that u paid the money to any1 before trying him.. .

happy babu said...

Goli sir plz give tips for Tom.... Your followers r in heavy loss without your tips kindly post your tips

Thanks in advance

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