Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mumbai 28-2-2015

Race 1: Polished Chrome,                    Upset: Alishas Pet

Race 2:Palatial,     Upset:  Nigella,

Race 3: Lord Jim,          Upset: Just By Chance,

Race 4: Im DifferentUn Un Un,

Race 5: Simply Sweet,  Rule Downunder

Race 6: Astapi,             Upset: Authentic,

Race 7: Tahrir,    Upset: Pretty Hot,


Ch Ashok said...

thaks siq

krishnakumar R said...

golimasterji what is your comment on prakash gosavi tips. is he correct.

1.36.000 profits claimed
2.82.000 bookie tax not taken into a/c
1.50.000 fees to tipster not taken into a/c
basically subscribers lost 2.96.000
excludes mobile charges transportation incidentals interest on 3 lacs
and he has audacity to offer free tips to ppl who ready to pay 75000 for handicapping classes.

india's leading conman at his best
claims transparency honesty in reality fraudulent claims on profit. sunscribers on streets , he enjoying drinks posting bogus claims

paid tipsters worse than shit!winter-2014-15-betting-plan-performance/c22tw

arun bhandari said...

Not giving any selecyions on invitation.please sir give your suggestion for mumbai races.thank u

abdul mannan said...

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Anonymous said...

Abdul Maanan are you a sick man. What a piece of shit you have posted on this blog. Is this your blog. You should be arested and put in jail to give links of this sick sites. Mr.Golimaster please delete this post. This blog is blog of repute not a sex link site.

arun bhandari said...

Tommaros mumbai selections please sir.thank u

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