Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bangalore 16-2-2013

Race 1: Gamble race horses 2-5-9 should dominate the finish if tried.Spark Of Diablo, who finished second to  midtown delight first up has a very good handicap and if tried will win here.

Tips: Spark Of Diablo

Race 2: Horses 2-6-9 are my top 3 here Rich Celebration, has a good jockey today and should be the one to beat however Sparkling Image, is the one to look out for if tried she will upset.

Tips:Rich Celebration, Upset: Sparkling Image

Race 3: Wide open race horses 6-10-12 are my short listed 3 as they represent value Super Excited, is looking good and should be the one to beat.Gur Kripa, is the joker in the pack and can surprise if the intent is there.

Tips: Super Excited, Upset: Gur Kripa,

Race 4: Horses 2-6-10 are my top 3 here Clever Trick, looks very well prepared and should be the one to beat.Whistlejacket, is the obvious danger and should be right there.

Tips: Clever Trick,           Upset: Whistlejacket,

Race 5: Youngsters so will be interesting Zenica, is the one to watch should be right there in this very open race.

Race 6:Casanova, and Celebrity, are my top 2 in this very open race.Lad King, has a good chance here to cause a upset .

Tips: Casanova, Celebrity,                 Upset: Lad King,

Race 7: If Key Of Knowledge, is tried today he will win here only danger is the sparingly raced Scuffle,

Tips:  Key Of Knowledge,

Race 8: Horses 8-10-13 are my top 3 in this race if there is a gamble on Living Legend, here the the race is over if not then Adalwin, and Viva Diva, should fight for honors.

Tips: Adalwin, Viva Diva,   Upset: Living Legend,

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Thanks for your good tips. Rich Celebrations.Clever Trick and Living legend helped us in making money.

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