Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mumbai 10 Feb 2013

Race 1: Interesting race Angel Child, and Halle, have locked horns on two occasions and the latter has finished better today the latter is in receipt of 8 kgs and is definitely better placed and should finish ahead again. Swift Memories, is better placed on handicap then Rodeo, Although on paper Halle, has the best chance it will pay to avoid the race as she is from a gamble stable and her faith will be decided in the ring.Swift Memories, will run a good race today and can upset.

Tips: Swift Memories

Race 2: The speedy You're The Boss, and Panthera, have two good runs under their belt and should be the ones fighting for honor the latter is a better animal and should be right there.First timer Ultrasonic, seems to posses a lot of speed and can upset here as the other two are nothing special yet.

Tips: Panthera,Ultrasonic

Race 3: This will be a interesting races the fancied runners are nothing special so a few hidden gamble horses will be tried and the one who gets the best ride will win. Horses 5-11-12-13-14 are the ones that will be tried in this company and need to be looked at. Pumba, who finished an easy 4 th last time is running his pet distance and if tried will be running a a good race.Prince Arius, is also running his pet distance will be going Start to finish and should fight out till the end,Bat YamGlowing Mist, and Money Strike, are the ones that will be finishing late and swooping the field the first named and last named are now ready to strike and the second named will be there too.

Tips: (note) Bat Yam,Money Strike,               Upset: Prince Arius,

Race 4: Onassis,

Race 5: Que Sera Sera, and Set To Fly, are better placed on handicap then the rest of the set and should fight for honors the first named is better and will be the one to beat.

Tips: Que Sera Sera,

Race 6: Amadeus, and Ancient Wonder, should fight for honors here and it will be touch and go. The second named has come to hand now and is ready to strike. Make note of Mountain Regiment, who is in good from and have good speed will be going to the front and can hang in there place can fetch good odds.

Tips:(note) Ancient Wonder,Amadeus,             Upset: Mountain Regiment

Race 7: Starry Eyes, is a nice type and the horse to beat here.Dixie Delight, has improved a lot and should keep her honest.

Tips: Starry Eyes

Race 8: A beautiful race in memory of a wonderful Man many shall try here and many will fail but this race has 17 chances which makes it a good race to look for a value bet. Horses that represent value are 1-3-6-17-19-20.Marine Zone, who missed out on this race last time by a short head was my pick last year and Golden Memory, who finished 3rd not by much will be tried here again keeping in mind its a big field and age is against them i still give them a outside chance the first named is better.Talk Of The Town, is a horse I have given up on but know will beat them all when tried today he is a likely trier.Mateus Rose, goes in as a default selection as the trainer will always try in races that have a sentimental value,Absolute Star, won well when not fancied last run will make most of it along with Yardstick, whos last run is best ignored today he will run a far improved race as the inquiry is closed if luck and intent is there he will win. Lastly Emerald Fortune, who is carrying 46kgs drawn wide likes to finish on if the jockey can handle the pressure of the big race she will upset here.

Tips:  Marine Zone,  Yardstick,                        Upset: Emerald Fortune,(note)

Race 9: A very open race horses 1-2-5-7-12 are the ones that should fight for honors.Home AdvantageJacqueline Smile,  and Fairy Empress, look very well prepared for this race the first named has disappointed for a while now but is ready today and should be the one they have to beat. The second and third named have been brought down well and will be tried in this set the second named will run a good race in this set and the last named is a danger to them all dont ignore for minor bets or a eachway bet she will be Right there today.

Tips: Home AdvantageJacqueline Smile,            Tips: Fairy Empress,(note)


isr said...

Thanks for your post. Yesterday we were eagarly waiting for your post.In case if your not posting kindly give us notice so that we will not have anxiety about your health.

Tiger said...

I am fine just dint know there were races.Thank you for your Good Wishes

Ramprasad CK said...


Appreciate u reply to ur fans comments.Speaks volumes about a good human being.

Your analytical TIPS r respected for ur clinical obsevation. True if the trainer/owner decides not to try it is not ur problem.While watching the money flow we get a fair idea and decide.

I as a follower of ur blog always make note of ur upset/note tips for future racing also depending on horse/distance/handicap etc.

Ur follow horse ATLAS POWER finally kept its best foot forward and came third almost dragging the jockey. So ur not wrong about its merit but only trainers decision.

Tks for ur efforts and looking forward to ur blog/tips as usual.


Ramprasad CK

Ramprasad CK said...


Appreciate your sense of replying to ur fans comments

Ramprasad CK

PS I request ur e mail add and will b a plesasure to send few mails as nd when u r free u can reply.

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