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Mumbai 3-2-2013

Race 1: 20 Horses in VB and 15 look like they are in for a run so there will be a lot of traffic issues so best to avoid from a punting point of view.There are many horses that can spring a surprise here is tried horses 6-11-15-17-18 are the ones but hard to say as not sure of intent. Definitely a race to avoid.

Tips: Hawaiian Princess,                  Upset: Only White,

Race 2: First timers so hard to say but it will take a very good baby to win a mile on debut against experienced horses so best to avoid
 Circle Of Life, who can win but not worth the risk.Falcon,Mars, and Sword Of Honour, have come up a lot since their last run and will be in the thick of things The first named has improved a lot and will be the one to beat.

Tips; Falcon,

Race 3: A very closely matched race and all contenders have a good chance to win here jockey skills will matter.My top two are the very speedy Hills And Heights, who has the handicap and credentials but the jockey is a worry and Jimbo, who is much improved animal his last run can be discounted would have run a very close second if he dint meet with the interference plus he was suffering from a respiratory infection on the same day today is fit and ready to strike.

Tips: Jimbo,

Race 4: Barringo,Grande DameShivalik Prideand Sun Salutation, have competed in a far superior company then the rest.Appalachia, was a very impressive winner in his last run but the horses he beat haven't don't anything yet so the to 4 have a better chance of winning then him.The first named is consistent and has been improving with every run should be in the fray,the second named is a very good animal and seems to have some issues so raced sparingly however will like the extended trip and will be there to trouble the best.The third named has not dont anything so far but keep in mind he has only run Terms and Graded races this is his debut in a handicap race Class 3-4 which is a huge drop in class and dont let the jockey put you off he is there because he has the weight to suit the handicap as all other Ramu horses are well fed.Lastly Sun Salutation, now here is a horse that was fancied as a classic beaten by a shorthead by Red Barron in her second run she also has run in terms and graded races till her last run where she ran in a handicap race but dint want to complete the race today if she is in the mood she will win at this handicap.

Tips: Sun SalutationGrande Dame,

Race 5: The last run of Smashing, was shocking and I cant touch her till she shows improvement however jockey may make a difference its hard to say but its worth giving her another chance if you really have the capacity to do so. Ranthambhore, needs a strong rider and has one today he will run a good race here and the handicap advantage should give her a run for the money.If there is a upset here it will be Silver Birch,

Tips: RanthambhoreSmashing,

Race 6:This is 12 flg race and many have not run in it so its best to go slow here as anybody can win Sophisticated, is on a very good handicap and if she stays which is likely she will win here from Monet, or Queen's Camp,

Tips: Sophisticated,                Upset: Queen's Camp,

Race 7: Youngsters with many of unknown quantity Indian Touch, who has a benefit of a very easy run should be involved in the finish however Bombardier, is a far improved horse and who ever wins will have to beat him today. Make note of first timer
 Isadoro, who is tracking very well and can upset or sneak in a place.

Tips: BombardierIndian Touch,        Upset: Isadoro

1) An Acquired Taste,: A horse that has his fair share of problems but has been looked after well with the derby in mind his run in the Ruia was very good and he had a few gears up his sleeve till the finish distance wont do him harm but his fitness is the worry the pace of that race was slow and today's will definitely be fast so he will be tested to keep up with it.
2) Angel Crown,: Pacemaker for the former
3) Borsalino, : He will be able to settle with the pace is a good stayer today's fast pace will actually suit him but he will have to be at his best to out pace and out stay the rest of the field.Keep in mind he has beaten Machiavellianism, by 4 lengths on his home turf.
4) Caesars Star,: Will stay and will run a great race and for the sake of the connections I hope he win although it is a huge ask.
5) Commander,: Has had a disappointing season so far but his runs suggest he was under prepared in his both prep races now he looks well prepared and ready and keep in mind he has beaten most of the fancied runners in pune so if given a fair ride he will be right there.
6) Hemisphere, : Very interesting that Hughes has picked him ahead of Montezuma who in my opinion is a better animal he does have an edge over the fancied runners as he is improving with every run and now is tuned to the minute to improve further I have doubts on him staying better then his stablemate but the jockey is the one who can work wonders on anything.
7) Honest Pleasure,: Will run
8) Machiavellianism,: His last run was very good but after reproducing a good turn of foot he stopped that suggest his limitation in stamina will run a great race but will need to stay.
9) Maximus,: Has the previlage of beating Machiavellianism, in his home turf over a mile ran a brave but easy race conceding weight to the field of good horses he should get the trip on that basis and if there is a danger he can produce it.
10) Montezuma,: In his last two runs he has not been given a fair ride in the ruia he was taken around the world and still was finishing on very we is a free striding animal the wide draw will will hell him settle well and if the Jockey who has been handed the golden opportunity by Pesi can handle the big race pressure he can win today should be in the top 4.
11) New World,: Ran a very good race in the ruia and will improve from that however he had the best run in that race and today will need something special to out class some good horses.
12) Shivalik Hero,: Has always been camera shy in big events his last run in the Ruia was good and he was moving well and he will stay but they need to ride him off the pace and hope they do it today should be right there.
13) Snowscape,: When he won the Calcutta Derby his manner of victory was mind blowing if the jockey can handle the awkward inside draw he will win today.
14) Super Storm,: Will relish the long mumbai straight but running in a span of 8 days is a big drawback.
15) Wind Stream,: Won the Mysore derby in style then has been off the track for 60 days is very well prepared will relish the long straight and will be right there in the fray however I would have preferred a run before the derby as this is a very good field.
16) Song Dynasty, : Was amazed that she was ignored in the oaks being such a poor field however is running in 2 weeks so not sure how she has recovered after that run should run a good race and can place.
17) Winds Of Fortune, : a improved horse but in this company will have to improve a lot.

Over all a race with many chances and luck will be crutial to win here I do believe they all have to beat Snowscape,

Tips: Snowscape, Montezuma,                    Upset: Commander,

Race 9: Last race of the day and many chances best to avoid or go for a value bet however there will be a gamble on Stormyday, here so watch the market on him.Speed Up,Moon Raker, and Blue Casper, are value bets as one of them will be tried here and wiill be value eachway bets. The second named is a gamble horse so watch the market on him.

Tips: Blue CasperStormyday,             Upset: Speed Up,


Anonymous said...

thank u sir

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

Whats your Days best sir?

Anonymous said...

Hi Goli,

Thanks for the good tips.
You made our derby memorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi GM,

Your tips yesterday were great. Thank you. I'm noticing you're getting better and better towards the fag end of the season.


Shanky said...

Dear Ji, Nice analysis and tips of Sun Salutation, I played place at 4 to 1 but failed to play Sophisticated, instead played Queens Camp and Montezuma but Pesi drops Hemisphere.

Thanks and regards,

Shanky said...

Dear Ji,
Incontinuation of my earlier post, Yestdays Out of your Tips for 9 Races, 4 have been Won and 2 have came Place. The Odds are also very lucrative except Hawaian and Ranthambore - Place odds.
Its good for the punters who play 2 to 3 Races.
Nice Ji please share your tips as such above,
Have a nice day,
With regards,

Ramprasad CK said...


May ur tribe increase nd God Bless U.

As a fan of horse racing for the last four decades it is my experience that Indian Derby always throws a surprise nd a race to watch rather than bet.

Having said that ur choices in other races were really value bets such as Falcon/Sophasticated/Stormy day etc.,Ur follow horse Stormy Day was an icing on the cake which as it name suggests concluded the Derby week end with a smashing success.

As predicted two enquiry horses Smashing/Ice Cool was board out and Ruia cup winners name was not even heard during the running of the derby race.

Wishing all the racing fraternity a well deserved rest for couple of days nd looking forward to ur value bets and tips for Invitation Cup race day.

Thank U SIR


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