Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kolkata Day 1 Invitation

Race 6: The Stayers Cup My shortlisted from all 4 centers are Astapi, who has had some easy runs so far and seems to be prepared for this day,Camorra, from bangalore with his front running style and the short Kolkata straight gives him a advantage over others from bangalore,Local contender Unleashed, and the Lone challenger from Hydrebad Vijays Champ,.
Being short straight in this center these horses who sit up with the pace have the best chance and jockey skills will matter at the post Vijays Champ, is conceding 5kgs and 3.5 kgs because of his age and that will make a huge difference over 3000 meters whhich means the other horses have to be atleast 8-12 lengths superior then her which I find very hard to swallow hence he is my pick to win here over any of the others named. Astapi, will come very close and can upset.

Tips: Vijays Champ,Astapi,

Race 7: Sur La Tete,              Upset: Giocrat, ( Note Can Upset)

Race 8: A sprint in Kolkata will favor the speedy horses and the short straight will come to their rescue only a select few have the initial speedy and they should be the ones to beat in this very open race as it can go any way. My short listed horses with initial speed are Crown Rule River Star,Successor,KlipspringerMaster Bulletand Shivalik Star, In my opinion Successor, and  Klipspringer, will dominate the finish the first named almost ranaway with the race last Sprinters cup will try the smae tactics today and if the others are caught napping he will win here the second named is one of the fastest horses here and should be right there.Master Bullet, the dehli challenger is a joker in the set and can upset.

Tips: Successor, Klipspringer,            Upset: Master Bullet,


Anonymous said...

thank you sir..THOMAS

Raj said...

Tiger ji thanks for yo tips post yo tips 2morro also

Anonymous said...

Sir please post your Day 2 Selection for Kolkatta .....hope today we gonna have good day...

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