Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mumbai 31-03-2013

Race 1:If all is well Roswald, will repeat.

Race 2: With most of the horses being ridden by not on job jockeys or gamble jockeys its hard to see who will be tried here to challenge  
Capri, Horses 6-12-13 have a fair chance to upset if tried. Asahi, has beaten horses that have come on to win races later this season but a long lay off and no track so hard to say. Lucky Red, is a horse to note, not sure if there is intent but will run a good race no matter what.

Tips ;Capri, Asahi,Upset: Lucky Red,

Race 3: Pesi has opted to run Winston, in a span of 3 days to avoid a wining penalty which is a rare occurrence in his case its obvious he feels the horse will win. Jimbo, is now well rested and is fresh can upset.

Tips: Winston

Race 4: This is a race for prestige and all horses will be tried the well bred first timers  Beforememoryfades,and Mint Approach, are tracking well but first run so hard to say the first named is better.Horses 2-3-9 have had a run and are prepared well with this race in mind. Intesar, in particular looks ready to run them off their feet and should be the one to beat. You can never rule Pesi horses out in big races Badshah, does have a outside chance.

Tips ;(note)IntesarBeforememoryfades,          Upset: Badshah

Race 5: Star Fire LadyEquinox, and Striking Girl, have a good chance if tried in this very open race for un genuine horses.Best to avoid.

Tips: Striking GirlStar Fire Lady, Upset: Equinox

Race 6: A very bad race best to avoid Star Builder, should make the most of his handicap provided the intent is there.Reinstate, and Brunello, should be in the fray.

Tips: Star Builder,Brunello,

Race 7: The term of the race favor Hemisphere,Manyatta, and Montezuma, the last named is a filly running in a span of 3 days hence avoided. the first two are well rested and ready for a battle jockey skills will matter but i give the second named a slight edge.

Tips:(note) Manyatta,Hemisphere,

Race 8: Acclaimed,Blazing Fire, and Summer Eclipse, are tracking very well and should be the ones to beat.the choice of jockey on the first named is strange but going by track will be the one to beat. the second and last named are also good and look speedy not sure about last named but the second named will definitely be tried.

Tips ;  Acclaimed,          Upset: Blazing Fire,(note)

Race 9: A gamble race and any horse can win with the right intent SariskaThree Roses,Follow Me, and Macho Uno, are my short listed horses.

Tips :(note) Follow Me,Sariska, Upset: Three Roses,


Anonymous said...

sir you give good tips

ravi said...

Great call on manyata and acclaimed

Anonymous said...

u were awesome on manyyata

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