Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mumbai 10-3-13

Race 1: Tricky race for donkeys my shortlisted 3 are the well prepared  Money Strike, the inconstant  Adams Prince, and the hidden horse Hot As Ice, who should be tried here and if I ma right should be the one to beat.

Tips : Money Strike,Upset: Hot As Ice,

Race 2: Storm Tracker

Race 3:A Bad race This Ones For You, has been consistant but the jockey is a problem should be the one to beat. San Rafael, will definetly prefer the step up in distance and will be right there,In The Limelight, has the potential but running after a long lay off one spurt but that cant be right as the choice of jockey shows intent and it is very likely that he has been prepared in pune or in the dark the horse has it in him to win and can win if fit.Horses 5-6-7 are gamble horses Mountain Mynah, is the one for the notebook in this company he can be tried and can win if the right intent is there.

Tips: San RafaelIn The Limelight,        Upset: Mountain Mynah,

Race 4: Interesting race and jockey skills will matter a lot of work has gone into Scarlet Pimpernel, and he looks ready to strike should be a touch and go between him and Neona, but the long mumbai straight will suit the first named.

Tips: Scarlet Pimpernel,

Race 5: Amistad, and Ghanghorr, seem to be in a forward condition then the rest and should finish in that order.

Race 6: Tricky race Nadia, looks a handicap certainty,Bling, is the most consistant and has the right jockey on top,Caesars Star, who ran a good race in the derby well rested and has a good rider and looks very well prepared for today. Lastly you can never discount Spearhead,.

Tips: Caesars Star,Bling,

Race 7: Starring, and Roswald, toss up 6 kgs over 10 flg  is a lot to give and the latter has the edge.Make note of Eclipsed, who is a stablemate to the first named but also has a good handicap can upset if he stays,

Tips: Roswald,            Upset: Eclipsed

Race 8: First timers so hard to say but keep an eye on Mambo Magic, and Ace Christaleni they can spring a surprise in this very mediocre set of horses.

Race 9: Theology, and King Julien, should fight for honors here.

Tips :King JulienTheology

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TUSSI GREAT HO!Not a single winner!!

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