Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bangalore 16-6-13

Race 1: Horses 1-2-3-4-7-9-10 all have a fair chance if tried it is likely at least 5 of them will be tried so best to look for value or leave the race.Sweet Angel, finished an un extended 4 last time and was moving very well hence worth a punt.Balance Of Nature,  and Mystic Lavenders, both have a fair chance due to the jockey factor.

Tips: Sweet Angel,

Race 2: With no real form horse and many first timers it will pay to follow horses with a benefit of a run this season. Both Hydrabad contenders have that advantage and it will pay to watch the condition of Vijays Grandeour, who weighed in at 500 kgs in his last run where he was very gross if his body weight today is around the 480 mark he will run a good race as his last  two spurts are good.

Tips: Vijays Grandeour,Laguna Beach

Race 3: I Gotala has two runners here and all depends on what the intent is decide at race time. Absolute Red, is the better of the two.Horses 2 3 5 8 all have a chance here too and it will depend on who is trying so it is best to avoid the race.

Tips :Absolute Red

Race 4: Queen Of The Stars, and Lagoona, should fight it out here the first named was a very impressive winner last time and should repeat if all goes well .

Tips: Queen Of The Stars

Race 5: HillstoneLads Gladiator,  and Super Surprise,  are my top 3 in this open race. The first named belongs to I Gotala hence best to decide at race time but if serious he will win here. The second named has a lot of heart and the right jockey today don't ignore can upset.

Tips ; Hillstone,   Upset: Lads Gladiator

Race 6: There is no doubt that Starry Eyes, is a good classy animal but looking at her mock race it is not clear if she likes this track as there was no fluency in her stride plus the fact that she is running amongst her class of horses and drawn wide she will be truly tested, It will pay to avoid her today or at least halve your bets. Amelia,Keturah,Shamrock Lady, and Striking, are my short listed 4 to beat the favorite here. the first named is well prepared will relish the step up in distance and should run a good race today, the third named won on debut and beat a very good horse can repeat the last named found one better and can upset here as improved by track work and finally Keturah, who i feel has a very good gallop you rarely see Z Darashah bring his horses to bangalore and even more rare is you see his horses in Aluminium shoe I do feel he has a very good chance here and should be the one they all have to beat.

Tips: Keturah,Amelia,               Upset: Shamrock Lady

Race 7: Sunstone,Sudden Magik, and Cirque Du Soleil, should fight for honors here. the second named has a very good chance to win.Own Asset, is the joker in the pack can upset as distance is ideal.

Tips: Sudden Magik,Sunstone,             Upset: Own Asset

Race 8: Arch Duchess, should prevail over Keukenhof,  and Ray Of Light

Race 9: Lucky Sam, has the best credentials to win  here from either Neron, or Viva Diva, both are ready to strike.

Tips : Lucky Sam,            Upset: Neron,


isr said...

Good observation on Starry Eyes. It saved lot of money. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is mere Nightmare !

Anonymous said...

What a night mare Goli?

Dr Rishi Sutra said...

Tiger ji you are same like your name "TIGER" Bold selection's keep it up
, i have too good study but you are better than me ,be happy ond yes we will meet one day for a drink ,hope you will join .........goodnight - Rishi Sutra

Dr Rishi Sutra said...

Tiger good keep it up smart selection, i too study but you are best than me ,first time i saw you block and saw your past selections too nice ones ,you are really knowledgeful person ,how many year's you are in to racing ? and we will soon join for a drink ,hope you will get time..........Dr Rishi Sutra

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