Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bangalore 23-6-13

Race 1: Glamour BoyMy Favourite Voiceand Prince Academy, look like they are likely contenders the first and last named have been tracking well after their first run. Best to avoid or decide at race time.

Tips: Prince Academy,            Upset: Glamour Boy,

Race 2: Hard to say as many first timers best to avoid.

Race 3: A wide open race and many likely contenders Sugar Fairy, and Success Star, both have a good chance to win here.

Tips: Sugar Fairy,Success Star,

Race 4: Triumphant, has a default chance here as there are a lot of pretenders in this race.

Race 5: Wide open race My short listed 3 are AcclaimedAce Bucephalus, and Nabisco, as I can see these 3 going a long way the second named is a horse that will surprise them all.

Tips : Ace BucephalusAcclaimed,    Upset:  Nabisco,

Race 6: Cheque Discounter,Spiritual Star

Race 7: Bad Race

Race 8: Afternoon Delight


Anonymous said...

Hi GM,

What do you think about Murioi?
Any input would be helpful..


Racingtophorses said...

Dear Tiger Sir,

I'm a keen follower of your blog since inception. I have a blog too. Since the past one year I couldn't post for reasons beyond my control. I started working on it from this Bangalore summer. Please take a look at my blog. If you find it worthy please add it to your blog-list.


Thank you.

isr said...

Played place ACE BUCEPHALUS AND ACCLAIMED. Thanks for your tip.

nandu said...

MASTER please remove (Comments will be moderated )option.
-|--|- nandu

isr said...

waiting for your selections.

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