Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pune 10.08.2013

Race 1: VB race with a few chances here horses 1-2-5-6-8-9-12-13 all have a fair chance if tried however Sydney, has had a huge drop in class here from terms to VB and expect a lot of improvement from him if the intent is right he will win.Showers Of Heaven, can upset.

Tips: Sydney,Showers Of Heaven

Race 2: HamletRoswaldand One Wish, all 3 will fight for honors. The Sparingly raced  Hamlet, has a slight edge.

Tips:  Hamlet,

Race 3: Panthera, manner of victory was very impressive first up and should be the one to beat. Emperor Of France, flopped last time and cant have any confidence today as he may not be liking this course as many horses don't best to observe or halve your bets.So True, has not been running on merit so far but this is a prestigious race for the connections and will be tried here.

Tips: Panthera,              Upset: So True

Race 4: Cosmic Dancer, and Amaya, are both tracking well enough to be the obvious choice in this weak set. the first named is better performed and the latter is tracking better so hard to pick. I am going for a better jockey. Make note of Seekingmagic, as the horse is bred for speed and the connections are notorious for producing Gambles first up no track means nothing as it could be hidden. Decide at race time or see market trend as this is a Trophy race a gamble is likely.

Tips: Cosmic Dancer,                       Upset: Seekingmagic, (note)

Race 5:This is a wide open race and any horse can win here. The class of Dancing Phoenix, will be tested in this set, 3yo over 6flg with genuine sprinters is a big ask. His last win was impressive but the horse was slowing down in the last flg 12.25 seconds compared to 11.58 in the flg before that.with extra 200 mtrs today and some very fast horses like Turf LightningSilver Birchand Saints N Sinners, he will be tested. Horses that come of the pace will be well suited here and it gives Ishpingo,AnahiSilk Cut, and Scarlet Pimpernel, a very good chance considering the form and jockey Anahi, and Scarlet Pimpernel, will be the ones to beat.

Tips: Anahi, Scarlet Pimpernel,

Race 6: The terms of the race suit Maple StarManyatta,and Master Shifu, considering the preparation the first and last named will dominate the finish.

Tips:Master Shifu,                           Upset:  Maple Star,   

Race 7: If track work reflects form then Foinaven, should win here.

Tips: Foinaven

Race 8:Amistad Lavender Brown, and Casino Jack, are my shortlisted 3 in this open race the first named looks well prepared but is a average horse, the last named is on a very good handicap but not sure if the connections will try here the second named is blazing the track and should be considered as a good each way bet here.

Tips:  (note) Lavender Brown,Amistad and Casino Jack,


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