Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pune 3-08-2013

Race 1: Bad race Cornelian, finished an easy 5th behind Run Like The Wind, and should improve a lot and will finish ahead of the latter provided the intent is there as both horses are inter connected. Ace Of Diamond, is tracking well but the trainer is generally happy to let his horses have a easy run. Always There, has run in terms races before and now in VB fro a first time is tracking well too considering the company he has a very good chance to upset provided the intent is right.

Tips: Cornelian, Upset: Always There,

Race 2: Mykonos, and Strategy, should fight for honors here will be touch and go keep in mind the first named doesn't like the whip and if pressure is applied she will lose.

Race 3: Capital Attraction, has the best resume in the set should be the one to beat. Halle, is the danger

Race 4: Open race but keep in mind Three Roses, has one one win, in Pune, in august and with D Singh over the same distance and his rating at that time was (29)going by History and recent track he will be the one to beat.

Race 5: Jet Stream, has a good chance in this open race is well prepared and should be in the money.Pezzonovante,  is the danger make note for an upset.

Race 6: If trackwork reflects form then Edith Piaf, should win Sheer Romance, is the danger.

Race 7: In my opinion Insignia, is the best horse in the set i know Pesi has Zervan on Caruso but my opinion wont change, Modus Vivendi, is second best.

Race 8: Emerald Fortune, has a very good chance to win in this open race. Crowned Princess, and New Wings,  will be right there.

Race 9: Menage A Trois, has a good chance to win here from Wind Chime, and Star Legacy, the latter has a very good chance if tried.


Anonymous said...

Hi GM,

I remember you'd tipped gun kripa in Bangalore last season. I didn't do well. Yesterday it's second run after that it has placed second at about Rs 1400 at the tote. I remember many instances where your tips strike in their next outings. There was Oriental Masti, which again won at lucrative odds. Coincidentally it's running today. I'm eager to see how it performs.


Anonymous said...

Total 9 races tips fail

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