Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pune 4th August 2013

Race 1: Midnight WindStylish Strokes and Rising Angel, should fight for honors here the first named has a edge due to age and a forward run. Being a gamble race its best to avoid.

Tips: Midnight Wind,                 Upset: Rising Angel,

Race 2: CeasarinaEveready, and Yardstick, should fight it out in yet another gamble race the first named is tracking well and should be the one to beat.

Tips: Ceasarina,

Race 3: A 9 flg race for youngsters anything can happen. Every single horse is bred to stay and some will improve more then others so its hard to say. Only One, and Splendid Light, should improve a lot from their last run.

Tips: Only One,

Race 4: Act Of War, and Dark Knight, are both tracking very well and should fight for honors.

Tips: Dark Knight,

Race 5: Open race horses 2-3-8-10 all have a fair chance here and should fight for honors.

Tips: One Kept Secret,Fontanelle                     Upset: Zaagros

Race 6: Trisara,Four Star General, and Administrate, are my top 3 here the first named is very speedy and should be the one to beat. make note of the last named who is tracking very well and can upset.

Tips: Trisara,Four Star General,                Upset: Administrate

Race 7: The terms of the race favor Rajasthan Royals, and Yuville, and the result should be dominated by the two. The second named is on a good handicap.

Tips: YuvilleRajasthan Royals,

Race 8: Mars, has a very good chance to win here but make note of You're The Boss, who has a lot of stamina in his breeding now is conceding 9kgs from the former over 9 flg which is a lot to give over distance and for 3yos. Take a eachway chance here.

Tips : (note)You're The BossMars

Race 9: Sun Salutation, and Appalachia, are both sitting  on a good handicap. the first named is overdue for a win.

Race 10: Samay Balwan, has a good chance to win here as is long over due for a win.Light My Way, and Adams Prince, are the danger.

Tips ;Samay BalwanLight My Way, Upset Adams Prince


isr said...

Fantastic selections and good analysis and comments.Thanks for the same.

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Just birrilant.

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fantastic,mindblowing good work thanks

Anonymous said...

fantastic,mindblowing good work thanks

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Dear sir
plz send today tips and selections.

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Great work sir... take a bow master..

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