Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pune 27.9.2014

Race 1: Grand March,St Barts,

Race 2: Sheer Class,

Race 3: Windsor Queen,Mumbai King

Race 4: Remarkables,Sheer Elation,            Upset: Nebulous,(note for an upset)

Race 5: Supreme Minstrel

Race 6 : DiscourseRoublesha

Race 7: Deja VuSupreme Star,

Race 8: BurnZurich,     Upset: Great Expectation,

Race 9: Iridescence,      Upset: Samurai,


Anonymous said...

goli sir,

why dont you conduct handicapping classes online from australia, we ready to pay 10k fee. indian tipsters are costly charging 60k.

prashanth m said...

Dada : Aaj ka din tho bahut karab tha, Expecting some powerfull goli's 2mrw and thanks in advance. .. Cheeeers

Anonymous said...


we are hardly waiting for your valuable tips ,,,,we will cross check with our home work-----------------without your tips playing pune is incomplete -------please kindly provide tips sirjee

thanks a lot in advance

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