Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pune 13-9-14

Race 1: Open race but Leothefiercehorse, is running amongst his peers for the first time should be the one to beat. Make note of Star Benevolent, and Without Fear, who will run close specially the last named.

Tips :Leothefiercehorse,                 Upset: Without Fear, (note)

Race 2: Bad race.

Tips: Dream Yuga,Answer My Prayer's

Race 3: Many first timers so hard to say. Earl Grey, has no recorded track work means he has been prepared at the stud farm is well bred can win if fit.Quantum, has been tracking well too can upset here.

Race 4: Rocking,Umarkot

Race 5: Tiger TopsNegotiator

Race 6: Artiste,

Race 7: Captain Abdon,Aleta

Race 8: AstapiRodeo,

Race 9: Stormy Princess,Beyond Horizons,

Race 10: Sunshine HeartPassion Prince,


prashanth m said...

You are amazing...Stormy Princess was a treat today...

Anonymous said...

brother, good tip!! stormy princess!! saved the day! thank you! and i am glad i checked for your tips that particular race! i was so dry by then! thanks again!

grk said...

A true prince only can give selection for stormy princess.

prashanth m said...

Goli Bhai kal ke liye bi Ek badiya se Goli de dena.. Will be waiting for your tips for 2mrw and do mention the joker in the pack.. Cheeeeeers

shanky said...

Tigerji, amazing tip of Stormy Princess', I checked the record and found much confident rather any other tip u shared. But I feared to play win due to jockey astride and the odds 25/1. I played place 4/1..
No one has touched this except u.
Remarkable one Hatsoff ji.

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