Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pune 6-9-14

Race 1: VB race for donkeys over 10 furlong anything can happen, Morals, probably has the best form of the lot going by last run but you cant ignore Zafirah, at this handicap and the last run is best ignored. Missfield, is in the same boat last run best ignored today with blinkers worth taking a chance.

Tips: Missfield Zafirah,

Race 2: If serious Senor D,  should win.

Race 3: Celsius,Brynhill,

Race 4: Home Advantage,      Upset: Running Sun, (note)

Race 5: Nature BoyCapilano,      Upset: Double O Seven,

Race 6: Storming Home,Fribourg,

Race 7: Something Special,Joleene,

Race 8: Zanthos,Burn,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posting.Request you to give your opinion on Kol classics. isr

Sri Rama said...

thq sir 2-4 super bet...............

shiv shankar said...

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