Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pune 22-09-2013

Race 1: Lack of interested runners gives the well bred Ace Jet, who is tracking well a fair chance.Rubens, is a horse that will create a flutter today can place and upset.

Tips: Ace Jet,               Upset: Rubens

Race 2: A wide open race my shortlisted 3 are Lightening ThunderNeon Light, and Casino Jack, the last named is a gamble horse watch the market on him then decide. The first two named are tracking well and should be in the fray. Always There, is the dark horse keep an eye can be tried at this handicap.

Tips:Casino Jack,  Neon Light,       Upset:Always There

Race 3 : Monza, and Turf Lightning, Toss up the first named is ready to win provided she runs straight.

Tips: Monza

Race 4: Bad race. Kaizer, has a good jockey and run in better company is ready to strike. Danse Debonaire, can upset.

Tips: Kaizer,           Upset: Danse Debonaire

Race 5: Emperor Of France,Ainra, and Bourbon Street, should fight it out. The fast pace will suit the last named who likes to sit behind the pace and has a good turn of foot.

Tips: Bourbon Street

Race 6: Many first timers so hard to say.The Magician, has had some good spurts along with Santa Maria, Make note of    Sultan Of Swing, has a good chance to place can upset if they are serious.

Tips: The MagicianSanta Maria,                   Upset: Sultan Of Swing,

Race 7: This is a very interesting race and all 7 runners have a fair chance to win the two horses that i really like are not even in the odds. Isadoro, whos last run is best ignored as he was very heavy but is tracking very well and is capable of winning here. Bombardier, who is improving with every run and surprising everyone, he is the highest rated animal in this set and will run a good race by default.

Tips: Isadoro, Upset:Bombardier,

Race 8: Best to avoid this race as 8/11 jockeys in this race are not on job jockeys its is ridiculous to believe that we don't have 11 proper jockeys for a race. Says a lot of the magnificent progress horse racing is making in India.." Wake up Stewards and Committee before its too late, Stop fooling yourself". I am going to assume all jockeys are equal and tip here and lets see what happens.

Tips: Brave Fighter,Star Gazing,

Race 9 : Windsor Queen,Champakali, and Cream Of The Crop,  are the best of this lot 

Tips:  Champakali, Cream Of The Crop, Upset: Windsor Queen,( Note)


Anonymous said...


Very good picking for upsets


Anonymous said...

Sir thank you

isr said...

Thanks for the excellent tips especially Windsor queen.

Anand Basappa said...

Excellent Choices and i apologize for the delay in congratulating you, please keep up the good work and have a nice day

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