Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pune 21 Sept 2013

Race 1: Holy Bull, and Phelps, toss up the first named is better.

Tips: Holy Bull

Race 2: The handicap favors Neath, should be the one to beat.

Tips: Neath,

Race 3: A wide open race which can go any way. Winning DestinyWalk Of Life,and Lorelei, are my short listed 3 however the first named is well rested has a good jockey and is my first pick.

Tips: Winning Destiny

Race 4: Mars, and Ghazal King, Toss up the second named is a nice animal still looks a bit immature and the first named will will tried here as he has not been in his last 2 runs.

Tips: MarsGhazal King,

Race 5: Bad race best to avoid Antia has 5/11 runners here not a race you want to guess I personally feel Winchester, is the one that will be tried.To The Moon, should be the one to beat.

Tips: To The Moon,

Race 6: Okavango, and Hurricane Wind, Toss up the first named will run a improved race today and will be the one to beat.

Tips:Hurricane Wind, Okavango,

Race 7: Deep Diver, and Yellowzone, should fight it out the first named is better.

Tips: Deep Diver

Race 8: Senora Bella, who was hailed as a classic once was laid off and run in pune last start where she ran a good race, I don't think the horse is 100% for Pesi would have been running her in graded races and not in a weak handicap race she should win but proceed with extreme caution or leave the race.Ice Zone, if serious can upset her.

Race 9: Dancing Splendour, and Ace Of Heart, are my top 2 in this Gamble race the second named has a good jockey and has a huge drop in class will be hard to beat.The first named has come up a lot as the track work is good will be right there and can upset at worst will place note.

Tips: Ace Of Heart,            Upset: Dancing Splendour

Days best: Ace Of Heart,
Kaichi or win prospects: Ace Of Heart,Holy Bull,To The Moon, Deep DiverMars,Neath,

Bolt from the Blue: Okavango,


FA said...

Dear Tiger
Last time you were very bullish on the chances of Demonic (do not worry about the jockey the horse will drag him to the post) were your words.Today in a 4 horse field you do not fancy its chances any reason.Please do share if possible.

Anonymous said...

What you think about demonic?

murthyprasanna said...

golisab 2nd race 3 not win i think 2 running sun

Tiger said...

The reason I pick Demonic was because of the drop in class and company today she is running among peers and will be hard to win this race is tricky one if the pace is slow any horse can win.

Anonymous said...

sir, any tips for today's pune races

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