Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pune 8-9-13

Race 1: A wide open race with many horses in with a chance its best to avoid the race. My shortlisted 3 are horses 1-4-9. But it will pay to stay away from this race.

Tips: Scaramouche,              Upset: Staying Alive,

Race 2: A straight fight between Mars, and Il Moran, jockey skills will matter.

Tips: Mars

Race 3: Insignia, on paper should win here.Star Of Babylon, and Negotiator, are tracking well have improved a lot since last run should keep the first named honest and fight for minor placings.

Tips: Insignia,                            Upset: Star Of Babylon,

Race 4: A wide open sprint and any horse can win my short listed 3 are horses 1-6-8. Mountain Song, belongs to Antia and his gamble connections so its best to decide at race time, I have noticed that the trainer adds pacifiers to his horses at racetime and they dont perform.Festival Night, has had a good easy run and now is stripped fitter the wide draw is a problem but she will be the one to beat here if M Song is not tried. Albuurz, is drawn 1 today and is likely to be tried here as its a prestigious race will keep every one on their toes.

Tips; Festival Night,             Upset: Albuurz,

Race 5: Interesting race but the terms of this race favor Storm Tracker,Star Of Gibraltar,  and Yuville, the last named was not run on merits last run, made a very fast pace and was eased up 300 meters before the post today is stripped fitter and is on a good handicap and should run a far improved race, Star Of Gibraltar, was very heavy last run has a huge drop in handicap and is stripped fitter the choice of jockey is strange but will be there where it matters most, Storm Tracker, had an advantage over the rest of the runners last time as he was fitter from the bangalore campaign today will have to contend with horses who are now stripped fitter.

Tips :Star Of Gibraltar,              Upset: Yuville

Race 6: Bad race, 17 Runners 10 pretenders so interested horses will be hitting the front but being a big field draw is important,  Rewarding Desire,Ice Skater,Windmill LadyNegredo, and She's Sweet, are my short listed 5 horses, The horse that represents value is She's Sweet, who has had two easy runs, good draw and decent jockey is also tracking very well and she will be the one to beat a eachway bet will go a long way.

Tips: She's SweetIce Skater,                    Upset: Windmill Lady,

Race 7: Due to sheer lack of company and un interested horses Fontanelle, who is a very average horse should win. It will pay to have a look at the paddock conditions of the other runners in the fray and if Copperglow, or Reckless, are looking good then it will pay to take chance each way or a place bet on them.

Tips ;Fontanelle,                 Upset: Copperglow

Race 8: 16 runners and a race best to avoid, Looks a toss up between Alecto, and Hunt For Heads, as both have been prepared very well the second named has an edge because of the jockey but keep in mind the connections are gamblers and can decide at any time not to try so watch the market on him. The first named is a better horse. Antia has 5 horses here make note of the one without pacifiers that horse will be tried.  Patriotic,  has a good chance if tried here.

Tips :AlectoPatriotic


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

Pls give your days best.

Ramprasad CK said...

Sir Tiger,

Hats off to ur judgement on DEMONIC it really dragged the rider to second position.Hefty payment!!

Also E STAR/Monteray/Capri all each way excellent tips. God Bless U.Awaiting ur judgement comments for sunday races pune.

Ramprasad C.K

Anonymous said...

thanks master

raghu t.n said...

Thank u 4ur selections sir

Anonymous said...

aaj sab ka gaand se nikala, phir bhi taali se taali

Anonymous said...

Sir u r always right ...... Please doant compare with other tipsters .............U R BENCHMARK.

rajeev s i said...

Boss I loose today pls give gud selection 2marrow. ...........u r d god

rajeev s i said...

Boss I loose today pls give gud selection 2marrow. ...........u r d god

rajeev s i said...

Sir u have to take me on 2marrow gud mood......... nothing is impossible

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