Thursday, April 17, 2008

Answer To the Quiz

The job of a handicapper is to apply weight penalise to the horses according to their performances so that every single horse has an equal chance to perform.

Many of us apply this handicapping logic to see if we can pick a winner. Logically the right answer should be between Question 1 and 2 i.e a head verdict between the 2 horses A and B.

But the correct answer to the Quiz is Horse A Wins by more then 20 lengths and only one person voted for it.

If you don't believe me read Abel's Comment. the horse in questions are Rockefella(horse A) and Romantic Scene (Horse B). Both Ran in race 187 where Horse A carrying 58.5 Kgs beat Horse B who was carrying 54 kgs by 2-1/4 lgths.

In race 298 Horse A was carrying 56.5 kgs and Horse B 50Kgs to offset the previous loss and the result was Roccafella beat Romantic scene by more the 20 lgths.

Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons there was and inquiry in the running of Rockafella in race 187 and no action was taken and in race 298 when the right money was on the horse he improved by 20++lgths and no questions are asked.

This is the sad state of racing in our country where the only weight that can handicap a horse are the MONEYBAGS that run the show.

What a Joke.


bihari said...

Delhi Race Selections.
1) Best of the lot/Crystal Pistol.
2)Gracias Senorita/Power Zone/Fixed Divinded..
3)Middle Man/Cornella Supra/Trusted Friend..
4)Golden Gun/Pixie Lass/Little Master...
5)Miracle Maker/Charge Away/Royal Hunt..
6)Bismark/Ashwa Paddma/Raffaello.

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