Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mumbai 20 Apr

Go slow on on money favorites today all of them have a 50% chance to lose.

Race 1: malesh is a good judge of pace and EARL OF WARWICK should easily win here provided the intentions are good if not then RAGE OF ANGELS

Race 2: PEBBLE BEACH is above this class but is a nervous horse mumbai heat is not going to help..In my opinion the distance is also out of range today with 61kgs is not worth a bet under 2-1/2... if she wins good luck. TEMPTATION is best on handicap but the trainer is not so I will leave the race.

Tips: Temptation/P beach. Upset : Hisham

Race 3: Very interesting race the camera shy Pepe junior is well held again the race is in the top 4 runners. AVEC PLAISIR although caring top wieght will still be involved the of class is PAMPERED PRINCESS who is well over due for a win but blood vessel is the only drawback. An interesting choice of jockey on ENCELADUS who in her last outing ran unfit but with current track moments has been stripped fit Go I Shiekh.

Tips: P Princess,A Pasier, L media Upset: Enceladus

Race 4: First timers?? POMME DE TERRE has enough experience to beat this field...

Race 5: SYNERGETIC should beat MONOPOLY

Rcae 6: SPIRITUALL has only one reason to lose here and that is the draw.He is blind in the left eye and is drawn 2 with no early pacmakers can undo his chances hence at these odd be careful. BONNY LIGHT is a clear danger if the favorite fails. the dark horse is THUNDERING STAR who can win if he wants to make note.

Race 7: I am not a big fan of first timers who are on money favorites. ON MY WAY has a speedy breeding place looks certain.

Upset of the day: ENZO
Good luck all.

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bihari said...

Todays DELHI Selections:-
1)Silver Peg/Faurties.
2) x x BAD race xx
3)Water Wave/Rhapsody In Red.
4)Black Chetak/Sudarshan Chakram/Middle Man.
5)Trusted Friend/Gorgeous Blue.
6)Raffaello/Silver Girl/Desert Falcon.
7)Ashwa Paddma/Little Cut/Distant Thunder.
Best of Luck...

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