Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mumbai 26 Apr

Interesting card to finish off the season Hareh metha horse will make of break you please be careful when backing his horses.

Race 1: One of the toughest races of the day where 6 horses will genuinly match strides with each other and the 7th horse can spring a surprise beacuse on handicap terms is atleast 2kgs better then most of the runners with Antias current trend I wont be surprised if NATIVE STRATEGY wins here. RUBY ROCKET is the favorite for its connections and last victory but I dont believe she can win today if you still fancy her halve your bets even place looks highly unlikely.My first pick is WILD TEMPER who is running after a well deserved rest and back to his pet distance should account faor a thrilling finish from either CALL TO ARMS or IVANKA .

Tips: W Temper/C T Arms Upset: Native Strategy Avoid: R Rocket/T Noire

Race 2: ALGO MAS is the one to beat if ridden on merits only danger can be HIDDEN DRAGON.... the upset without a doubt is BLAZING SPEED . Leave Jewel star for the pune season.

Tips: Algo Mas/H dragon

Race 3: SNOW BLIND is an average horse at these cramped odds is not worth a risk. SENTINEL by far is the best of the lot followed by EL BUNDUQ and the race should be between the two.Please note there are a many first timers here who are well bred and are getting and airing before the upcoming pune season hence a surprise packet will be there SPARKLER is one such horse.

Tips: Sentinel/El Bunduq/Sblind

Race 4: This race doesnot look like it will be outside 1-2-and 6. THE BRAVE HEART has only age against him but today is running in a far weaker company although age is against him he is worth a eachway bet. BORN TO LEAD should be spelt born to place and place looks a certaintity and win is up to him lastly PREMIER PERCEPTION who is best suited in this race and ready to strike.

Tips: P Perception/The brave heart/B to Lead.

Race 5: If in the money NEEDFORSPEED should win if not then the race is between RAVE ON and the surprize packet ABSOLUT who in my opinion is worth a small eachway bet today.

Race 6: 3yo but ANTONIOS is tracking extremely well and will be the one to beat from YANKEE LANE ...make note of SNOWYNSKY for combinations and jackpot.

Race 7: VB but 3 horses but the on handicap 3 horses will decide the fate of the race 1-5-11.
SIMPLY PERFECT will not win if the money is not on him so march market for him. HOUSE PREFECT at this handicap and term looks a certainty and is worth a good eachway bet to win from HISHAM whos draw is the only problem.

Tips: H Prefect(Good eachway)/Hisham/S Perfect

I am going to eat the following favorites.R Rocket/J Star/S Blind
My money will be on :H Prefect/Absolut(small eachway)/The brave heart

Good luck


Prashant said...

tiger why dont you contribute to RANS since you are not going to continue after tommorow it will hell a lot of people.




Anonymous said...


Tiger you are an inspiring tipster for all the punters. Tiger before stop continuing after Mumbai think of this "United We Stand, Divided we only fool ourselves”. As you have been in racing for a long time and have been exposed to darker side as well as the brighter side of racing, your experience will help us a lot. I am sure that your tips are valuable for all of your followers irrespective to win or loose. So please reconsider your decision.

Finally this one is for you

Winners don’t give up,
when life gets tough, they hang in until the going gets better.

And you are a winner.


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