Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mumbai 12 Apr

This weekends card being on a all wether track can make things interesting as unsound horses relish the track as its more gentle on their body... many horses will be tried and the flow of money can direct you towards the top contenders. the results should favor punters but backing the right horse is the tricky part.Smaller animals and second wind horses will do well and the inside draw will be at an advantage.

Race 1: 4. RISING PRINCESS and 6. TRIBAL WARRIOR are the top contenders here former has a advantge of handicap and age but dont know if it will be tried. the latter will relish this surface and will be the one to beat.2. CLASSIC SPIRIT is the dark horse who is back on the track and has the right jockey to guide her fortunes.

Tips: R Princess,T Warrior, C Star

Race 2: This is a very tricky race anyone can win FIRED UP who won very well last time can repeat at this handicap so can 1. DESERT DUST who is the most overlooked horse in the set.

Tips: Fired Up,D Dust , F Fury

Race 3: Very open race anyone can win top contenders are 4-5-6-8... a small eachway bet on 6. PACEMAKER can go a long way.

Tips:6. PACEMAKER ,W Tall(watch the market) Upset: Salandra

Race 4: 5. CYCLADES is facing a very weak opposition but the horse is nothing great he has very short spurt and the mumbai straight wont do justice he has the credential but ??? halve your bets or leave the race.expect an improved performance from 12. YOWZA and 6. FIRE QUEEN

Race 5: 5. ASCLEPIEION should win...1. PROCYON looks certain for place cant win after such a long lay off only dark horse is Solid black who can beat the favorite.

Race 6: bad race 11. MADAMME BIJOUX is the one to watch

Race 7: very open race if on top go home.8. MERCEDES needs a second shot at the title but this race has many contenders look for value 6. SIMPLY PERFECT is the horse of value if money is on her I am personaly going to have a small eachway bet on 2. ZUETINA and reccomend her for jackpot and place consederation.

Tips: Zutina(each way)/S Perfect/Mercedes.

Upset of the day: ABSOLUT


abeldraj said...

ZEUTINA was walloped by ARABIAN GUEST over the same distance in Pune Race no.29
Hence I feel that ZEUTINA has a weak chance.

Tiger said...

Mumbai straight will suit zutina better plus the 2kg handicap advantage...

Anonymous said...

Hi.Tiger i know it will be odd on my part to ask..but can u pls post ur ideal jackpot selection

Tiger said...

ok will give its a go


sorry never played the jackpot before hence dont know what this will cost but good luck.

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